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My mother's been found dead in her bed..

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wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:27:35

had a call from the French police an hour ago. They don't know when she died and I can't get hold of any family member because the whole of France is on holidays in August.

I don't know what to think.

ps I'm French living in London.

piratecat Sat 16-Aug-08 17:28:50

oh god, i am so sorry. Is there anyone you can contact. to try and contact your family.

realy sorry.

Imnotok Sat 16-Aug-08 17:30:29

I am sorry don't know what else to say to you but I am so so so sorry .

wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:31:28

Thanks PC, they're either working or on the beach at the mo so mobile turned off. It's surreal.
I'll try calling later.

sarah293 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:31:35

Message withdrawn

princessglitter Sat 16-Aug-08 17:32:17

I'm so sorry sad

FamilyRant Sat 16-Aug-08 17:32:30

Oh I'm so sorry

MatNanPlus Sat 16-Aug-08 17:32:47

sorry WDWGFH

schneebly Sat 16-Aug-08 17:33:10

No practical advice but just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that your mum has passed away. I know how difficult it is. sad

betterhalf Sat 16-Aug-08 17:33:20

So sorry for you.sad

wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:33:51

She didn't have a mobile or an answering machine so each time there was a period of time with no answers it was at the back of my mind she might be dead in her flat and no one would know for a few days.
As it turned out.

betterhalf Sat 16-Aug-08 17:34:55

Had she been ill? How old was she?

sarah293 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:34:56

Message withdrawn

CvQ Sat 16-Aug-08 17:36:33

im so sorrysad

wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:36:51

She was 63, not ill but a heavy smoker.
I am a lone parent and DS is asleep right now, so I still haven't told anyone. This is mad.
Thanks for your messages of support

BigBadMousey Sat 16-Aug-08 17:36:55

Really sorry to read your news sad.

You can only do your best to contact people - try not to let it upset you that you can't get hold of them as quickly as you'd like to.

kid Sat 16-Aug-08 17:36:58

Can you get the police that are local to your family to go round there. They can let them know you are trying to contact them or leave a note if they are out.
I know my dad did that for his brother when trying to get in touch with him.

Really sorry to hear about your mum, you must be in shock sad

slim22 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:38:24

so sorry for your loss.

Used to live in Paris. Were a few lone elderly people in my building. Always wondered what would happen if they broke a leg over Xmas or summer holiday.

My mum found my grandma slumped on her chair in front of her lunch. Alone.
Very sad.

wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:38:50

She was found by a friend who was worried after a few days of unanswered calls. I will have to go there to deal with the admin side of things. How gross. I'm a single child so it's all down to me.

slim22 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:39:47

good idea from kid.

sarah293 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:40:12

Message withdrawn

wheredowegofromhere Sat 16-Aug-08 17:42:07

Kid, that's a really good idea if I still can't contact people by tomorrow.

I probably am in shock right now.

slim22 Sat 16-Aug-08 17:42:21

yes. Do ask a friend.This is one of those times where you do need a company and don't be shy to ask.

Hassled Sat 16-Aug-08 17:59:01

I'm very very sorry - what a horrendous shock.

Mamazon Sat 16-Aug-08 18:02:06

I am so sorry to hear this.

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