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DD (7) started seeing spirit of recently dead grandfather

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drivinmecrazy Tue 05-Aug-08 23:34:55

My Dad died 2 weeks ago after a long 4 1/2 year battle with cancer. My 7 yo DD1 seemed to cope really well initially (almost too well) She was sooo close to him, but has always been aware he was going to die. We never kept anything from her. We talk about my Dad all the time, even though it breaks my heart to hear her say all the things she was going to do with him but now won't get the chance. We had been in Spain for two months when he died quite suddenly so had to come back very quickly (had been there on his request to look after his beloved dog!?). Since getting back she has been sleeping with me alot as DH works away all week. Tonight she went to bed fine, but came down about 9 pm in floods of tears and inconsolable that she would never see him again. We talked and she went up to bed quite happy. 10pm she came down saying she couldn't sleep, could she go into my bed. On the way up to my bed she told me she couldn't sleep because some one was breathing next to her. She turned around but there was no one there, but she says she is convinced some one was beside her and she heard and felt the breathing. I talked to her about 'spirits' coming to reassure their loved ones and said maybe it was her RG (grandads nickname). Will this give her nightmares, or reassure her?? Quite spooky when I got e-mail thim morning from one of his friends telling me about a similar experience he had last night

drivinmecrazy Tue 05-Aug-08 23:55:20

Would really appreciate an insight into the mind of a grieving 7 yo. Is it 'normal' for her to experience this??

Evenstar Wed 06-Aug-08 08:12:08

No experience of this I'm afraid, my DH died recently but none of us have experienced anything like this. You could try posting in the Religion and Spirituality thread as there are people there who are psychics etc who might be able to advise. Hope your little DD is OK this morning.

dillinger Wed 06-Aug-08 16:43:02

I was very close to my great grandmother and when she died I was so upset (I was 12). I experienced the same as your daughter, initially it scared me and I couldnt sleep as I could hear 'someone' walking around my bed, and feel someone looking over me. I soon felt calm with it, it was comforting when I realised it was just my nan checking on me. It occured most nights for quite a while, and then stopped. I was obv quite used to it by then as I dont remember the 'exact' time it stop happening, iyswim.

Id say that if she was very uncomfortable with whats happening then Id imagine it would stop - her grandad wouldnt want to alarm her, however now youve explained what you think it is then if she is fine with it I wouldnt worry.

I hope thats ok, Im not great at explaining things in posts.

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