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R.I.P Grandad

(7 Posts)
thewiltedrose Sat 26-Jul-08 00:03:16

So sorry you had to go.
Im glad your not in pain anymore.
Ill miss you

Katie x

wrinklytum Sat 26-Jul-08 00:04:09

Sorry for your loss TWR.

copingvquietly Sat 26-Jul-08 00:04:38

oh wilted im so sorrysad

thinking of you x

UnderRated Sat 26-Jul-08 00:05:15


Thinking of you, twr

thewiltedrose Sat 26-Jul-08 00:05:43

Thank You

Purplepillow Sat 26-Jul-08 00:06:57

So sorry to read your sad news twr sad

Wishing you much strength in the coming weeks x

windygalestoday Sat 26-Jul-08 00:26:21

twr xxxxx

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