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indamb Fri 21-Jan-05 22:10:33

did 4 pregnancy tests (clearblue)last w/end all positive, although the blue line was not as wide as shown on box still very blue. did 1 further test (other brand) and negative result.

tuesday am had bleed, seen doctor who said treatened m/c take it easy, later in day bad cramps and lots of blood and clots (sorry to be so graphic), this continued thro wednesday, but not bleed since but have had slight tummy pain.

rang epu today, nurse said poss early m/c and cannot check in any way until i would be 6 weeks pg.

really confused, have i had m/c or am i getting upset for 4 wrong tests. i know the bleed usually lasts a week.

has anyone had similar experience or offer advice.

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gingernut Fri 21-Jan-05 22:22:16

Hi, really sorry you are going through specific advice but when I had a m/c the bleeding did last quite a long time (about 2 weeks in total, but I was 11 weeks). Have you tried taking another pg test? It may still be positive even if you have miscarried but you would expect the line to get fainter with time. I'm afraid you probably will have to wait till 6 weeks to get a definite answer by scan though, and also just to warn you, you may have to have an internal scan.

Take care.

mishi1977 Fri 21-Jan-05 22:29:27

indamb..huge hugs hun with my natural mcs i bled for 2 weeks each time once i was 5 wks pg and one when 7 wks....With the cramps etc it could just be normal bleeding in pg or it could be mc..with my DS i bleed for a few weeks between 7-11 but as ginger said there is no way of knowing until you would have been 6 weeks. If u do another pg test it could still show pos even a couple of weeks after mc as the hormones are in your sorry you are going through this as i think the not knowing can sometimes be the worst bit
Take care

indamb Fri 21-Jan-05 22:38:14

thanks gingernut and mishi1977 for your support.

just read some old threads on twin preganancys and loss of 1 twin. this could be the answer ( truly hope so).
dh and me so happy at weekend, thinking pregnant again already have dd 3. she the only thing thats kept us going last few days.

thanks again x x x


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TeaTime Tue 25-Jan-05 00:46:42

So sorry indamb - it's the worst thing to have such happiness snatched away so soon. I've had 2 five week m/cs but because I hadn't done a pg test the doctor didn't 'believe' I was pg. Both times lots of blood and clots which carried on for about 2 weeks. Since they were like late AF it didn't affect me much - I'd hardly had time to discover I was pg so hadn't built up any hopes.

However I found I was pg in December and had a lovely Christmas with that secret hope. However at 7 weeks started bleeding - they did a scan then but couldn't see much so told me to come back in 2 weeks - it's really TERRIBLE having to wait in such limbo (so I know how you feel). The scan confirmed it was a missed m/c and I've been waiting for a natural m/c to happen since then though nothing yet. However while waiting I heard from LOTS of mums on MN who had had bleeding (some quite severe) but gone on to have their babies anyway, so there is always hope, Only the scan will be able to confirm one way or the other - although they might still send you away for another couple of weeks if they can't be sure (as they did me). It depends on your character of course, but sometimes expecting the worst is a kind of protection from pain, miserable as it is.

berolina Tue 25-Jan-05 18:56:46

Teatime, sorry for your loss.
Indamb, how are you? Any more news? Sorry you're having to go through this. I had a very early m/c last summer: faint +ve and 140 hCG about 5 days-a week after AF due (now I can't believe I managed to wait so long before testing!!), start of bleeding 3 days later, bled for a week like a heavy period. Tested -ve on 1st day of bleeding, hCG back down to 3 three days later. (Wasn't having fertility treatment, they are just terribly thorough in Germany and gave me the blood test for the hell of it). The m/c actually wasn't (physically!) painful at all, apart from a bit of pain the first night.
I know it's awful awful awful to wait, but you really do have to wait until 6wks to be reasonably sure of having a chance of seeing something. Bleeding, even fairly heavy, in early pg is very common indeed and could, at the stage you are at, mean anything - it could be bad news but equally it could have been a heavy dose of implantation or just random unexplained bleeding. Whatever, I hope you get good news. Let us know how you're doing. Thinking of you.

indamb Tue 25-Jan-05 21:46:34

hi, thanks everyone for your support.

still had a few crampy pains for about 4 days after, but no bleeding. I was sure that you bleed for a 7-10 days.

i am back to doctors in the morning, should have been booking in with the midwife tomorrow pm. I'll see what happens. although boobs still heavy and bigger. maybe thats all part of it. dont really know.

everything on tv at moment is about babies!!!!!!!!!

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TeaTime Mon 31-Jan-05 02:08:16

Hi Indamb - what happened at your appointment? Fingers crossed for you that the bleeding was just a blip and that you go on to have a normal pregnancy. However there are a LOT of us who have recently miscarried on the 'Missed Miscarriage' thread so I hope you feel supported and get the information you need either way.

indamb Tue 01-Feb-05 18:37:40

thanks teatime.

went to doctors, said complete miscariage.

did another test last week and negative, although boobs do still feel sore. not sure if this is normal.

thanks for your concern. It nice too know others are generally concerned. sorry for your loss too

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TeaTime Wed 02-Feb-05 01:54:36

Hi Indamb
So sorry, that's bad news. Hope you can pick up the pieces and try again. Are you hoping for a sibling for dd or do you have other children?

indamb Wed 02-Feb-05 15:38:29


only have 1 dd 3.2months.

hope for another one soon.

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TeaTime Wed 02-Feb-05 18:41:12

Hi Indamb
Lucky thing to have a baby in your arms! My ds is 2yrs 10 months and looking more like a teenager all the time - babyhood is long gone! I'd love him to have a brother or sister but it's not looking good as I'm already 45. You I'm sure have loads of time to build up a lovely family!

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