radio prog, useful for Mummy2TandF?

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cathcat Mon 12-May-08 15:15:13

I read your story last Mummy2TandF, and was very touched by it. I was thinking about it again today when I was driving home at lunchtime and this programme was mentioned - tonight on Radio 4 at 8pm, it is called "I don't know what to say". It is by a widow who found that people couldn't address her loss. it is on the listen again facility if you don't catch it tonight. Also on the radio4 website are useful addresses for support.
i think that Cruse would be a really good organisation able to support you. You should be able to talk about everything that has happened to you with someone trained to listen. Is your health visitor involved? he or she should be able to support you and the children or know how to get help for you. Being on your own with 2 small children is hard, plus you have your grief to deal with. I have lost 2 friends this year and you have my utmost sympathies and best wishes.

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lottiejenkins Mon 12-May-08 18:57:00

Im going out tonight but i will listen to it tomorrow on listen again, i lost my husband nearly seven years ago.

cathcat Mon 12-May-08 19:42:25

Sorry, it should read "i read your story last night".
Hope it is useful LJ.

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lottiejenkins Tue 13-May-08 20:31:12

Well i listened to it and found it very interesting, particularly the part when people who couldnt talk to the lady when her husband died came to her house and explained why.

PosieParker Tue 13-May-08 20:33:39

I listened and thought of this section of Mn straight away.

Yorkiegirl Thu 15-May-08 21:45:43

Message withdrawn

Mummy2TandF Thu 15-May-08 22:44:17

Thank you for this thread. Yorkiegirl, you are right it can only be a good thing to help people to undertsand how we feel - I don't think anybody truly can though and I hope that they never get to understand either.
You are right about the HV - Mine were worse than useless, I asked her to come round, I broke down talking to her worried about the children and she said "well you are giving them lots of cuddles and obviously love them, that's all they need" I am still not convinced, all children need that!

onlytheone Mon 07-Jul-08 22:20:55

sorry to come onto this thread so late. My DH died this week. However, would love to have seen this prog. Just to add to the HV discussion. Mine was due round the day after DH died to discuss some concerns re DH and behaviour and as DH died suddenly, she turned up 15 mins after got back to our house and when told by a relative that DH had died, she went away and has not been in touch since!! I despair at how people behave.

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