Happy Birthday Son.

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jonamum Sun 11-May-08 20:35:56

Will you join me in saying happy birthday to my beautiful Son Alex, stillborn 10 years ago today.

No one in our family has remembered (sad).

Happy birthday babe, miss you. xx

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RiojaLover75 Sun 11-May-08 20:41:11

Oh gosh that's sad. Jonamum I'll wish Alex a happy birthday with you. I'm sorry that no-one remembered your sons' short stay on this earth.

MargaretMountford Sun 11-May-08 20:42:25

Happy Birthday Alex -[ sad ]that no one remembered sad

TheFallenMadonna Sun 11-May-08 20:42:54

Happy Birthday to Alex.

All good wishes to his mum.

princessmel Sun 11-May-08 20:43:05

Happy Birthday Alex. xxxxx

So sad about nobody remebering. Maybe they did but didn't want to upset you. Maybe whilst on the phone ask them if they know what day it is today.

stepfordwife Sun 11-May-08 20:44:21

thinking of you, jonamum and alex
can only imagine your pain, but he'll always live in your heart
happy birthday, alex

justjules Sun 11-May-08 20:45:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bringmesunshine Sun 11-May-08 20:48:03

jonamum - Happy Birthday to your son Alex.

I hope today has been bearable.

Thinking of you both x

WillyWonka Sun 11-May-08 20:52:03

Happy Birthday Alex. Peacefully sleeping and never forgotten.

<<hugs and thoughts for you jonamum>>

bb99 Sun 11-May-08 20:56:12

Happy Birthday Alex.

Thoughts with you and your angel baby!

OracleInaCoracle Sun 11-May-08 21:02:07

Happy birthday Alex. jonamum x my thoughts are with you

MamaG Sun 11-May-08 21:02:55

Happy birthday Alex

southeastastra Sun 11-May-08 21:06:15

happy birthday to alex smile

billybass Sun 11-May-08 21:11:32

happy birthday Alex.

Best wishes Jonamum.

jonamum Sun 11-May-08 21:21:49

Thank you all, thank you so much.

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southeastastra Sun 11-May-08 21:33:46

i lost my mum 9 years this week jonamum. it's so sad because everything is in bloom.

frasersmummy Sun 11-May-08 21:35:04

Hi Jonamum

how are you holding up. Its soo hard when people move on and dont think to mention your ds to you isnt it sad

Its just over 4 years since my little boy was stillborn and I went mad at my mother this year for not bothering to call me on his b/day

did you do anything special to mark Alex's b/day today?

poppy34 Sun 11-May-08 21:37:14

of course -happy birthday to Alex.

and also happy birthday to my little boy Sam -who would have been a year today

frasersmummy Sun 11-May-08 21:37:55

have you seen this thread


lots of bereaved mummies, sometimes being sad, sometimes having a laugh but always supporting each other along this long sad road that we are all on

Hulababy Sun 11-May-08 21:38:38

Happy birthday Alex; thinking of you jonamum

sillysausages Sun 11-May-08 21:42:19

Happy birthday Alex

kd73 Sun 11-May-08 21:43:18

Happy birthday Alex smile

WillyWonka Sun 11-May-08 21:43:36

sad for you too poppy34.

I imagine all our precious angels being little monkeys in a very sunny, happy place and taking care of each other until such time that we are reunited smile.

Ceolas Sun 11-May-08 21:45:45

Happy birthday Alex. Thinking of you jonamum xx

Tickle Sun 11-May-08 21:49:31

Hope you had a nice day, jonamum. Happy birthday Alex - sleep sweetly little one.

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