For those who've had a late still birth

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sadtosay Sun 04-May-08 13:31:01

I've changed my name for this as I'm probably going to sound a bit sentimental.

14 years ago I had a still birth at 39 weeks. My baby was so beautiful and perfect in every way except that she was not breathing and she never would.

The pain and heartache were terrible for the first weeks, months and even years. But I want you all to know it will pass with time. I have never forgotten my beautiful little girl and still mark her birthday by lighting her a candle. The pain has gone, the acceptance came in time. Give yourself time to grieve. Your baby was a part of you for so long that to deny yourself the chance to grieve would be wrong

I also want you to know that I have a beautiful little girl now who is sitting on the floor with her colouring book. She is not a replacement for my first little girl but she is proof that life goes on and that there is hope for us all.

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notjustmom Sun 04-May-08 13:34:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Klaw Sun 04-May-08 13:37:42

That was lovely! HUGS

I know a lady who's baby died just a few hours after birth and so have a feint idea of what it must be like....

My thoughts are with all those parents who's little perfect babies were with them for such a short time.

feedmenow Tue 06-May-08 21:11:34

Thank you Sadtosay. As someone who has only just experienced what you've been through it is comforting to know that there will once again be happy times ahead.

shhhh Tue 06-May-08 22:32:38

lovely thread sadtosay....What a lovely idea.

I have suffered x2 mc and although I was devastated I count myself lucky that I was no further gone than 12 & 7 weeks.
I still remember those "babies" though that I lost.

I feel for those who experience a loss so much later on.


hatjam Fri 23-May-08 13:32:35

my twins were 14 recently, but their sister would be 15 now, if she'd lived. stillborn at 37 weeks, she was quite exquisite.

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