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No AF 2 months after M/C

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melliek Sun 09-Jan-05 02:35:29

Hi all....its me again...trying to get my head on straight once again. My last m/c was on Nov 10th and I still have not had my AF yet. What the??? With my four others it came right at the 28 day mark, but this one is so strange. I have done a test and it said neg...who knows mabey I should do another just to be pos.
Has this happened to anyone else before?? Im a little nervouse because I was reading up on 'Ashermanes Syndrome' and considering i've had 4 d&c' a little concerned now!

happynewessbee Sun 09-Jan-05 03:11:39

Message withdrawn

footstep Sun 09-Jan-05 10:25:23

Hi melliek

After my m/c and d&c in july, it was more than 2 months before my first a/f. Do you chart? that can help you see if your cycle's getting back to normal. I'd def agree with happy.. that you should see your GP if you're concerned.

But please be reassured that it can take a while for af to return.


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