today I saw something that made me realise lifes value...

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Shhhh Tue 22-Apr-08 14:53:24

A funneral hearse drove past our home (live on a housing estate..) and it seems it went to a house just around the corner...

I past it again as it came out of the estate and what saddened me most was the little boy sat up front with I guess his daddy....Im guessing he has lost his mother. It choked me slightly as the little boy was around ds's age (13 months)..Just made me realise how precious and unfair life can be.

I feel a bit wrong posting here as it hasn't been somthing related to me iykwim but its gutted me....DD is nearly 3 and ds just over 1 yr and its only today that I think more..sad.

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feedmenow Tue 22-Apr-08 18:52:10

Sometimes it takes something very sad to help as appreciate all that we have sad

Bridie3 Tue 22-Apr-08 18:56:22

That's soooo true, feedmenow.

piratecat Tue 22-Apr-08 18:58:10

some thing like that is always like a boot up the backside for me.

thats very sad sad

Yorkiegirl Tue 22-Apr-08 18:59:58

Message withdrawn

Nappyzone Tue 22-Apr-08 19:08:06

It so does - i have a friend i lost touch with years ago and i read in the paper her son aged 10 died of an asthma attack playing football last week - funeral today. I have thought about little else all day and feel really sad for her.

Bridie3 Wed 23-Apr-08 09:12:28

How dreadful, Nappyzone. A friend of ours lost an 11-year-old at Christmas in a freak accident and it knocked our whole community for six. You could almost cut the sadness with a knife.

Shhhh Wed 23-Apr-08 13:48:48

yesterday I was really down....couldn't stop thinking about it..
Yorkiegirl, i always think of you and your loss. xx

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triplets Sat 26-Apr-08 22:31:48

We all need a kick up the backside at times, and seeing something like that really does. I will never forget seeing the hearse arrive outside my house, seeing al my elderly neighbours close their curtains, horrible horrible day. Yorkiegirl, love to you, its nice to see you about, another brave lady, xx

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