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It was grannies birthday on Christmas day.....

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Donbean Sun 26-Dec-04 15:56:19

And a couple of weeks ago i went to the cemetary for a chat and to tell her about DS.
I then went to my aunties house who had a couple of friends standing in the kitchen sipping tea...."where have you been?" asks friend number 1.
"to the cemetary to see my nanna" says i.
"ahhh" says friend number 2....."how is she?"

There was of course only one reply to that as the friend had a genuine look of concern and interest on her face......."still dead" says i!

Donbean Sun 26-Dec-04 16:06:49

To add, i had sobbed and sobbed all the way to the cemetary, all the time there and all the way to my aunties as my granny was my most favorite person in the world.
Although it made me smile, it made me cry even more afterwards. I hate and loath going to the cemetary because its so cold and she hated bieng cold.
Am filling up now, have to go.

cranberryjampot Sun 26-Dec-04 16:12:05

Oh Donbean - sorry about your nanna.

A few weeks ago a girl at work was asking me why couldn't my mum pick the children up from school to enable me to go to the office party...... "eeer cos she's dead" i responded. "No she's not, you're joking" she replied

Donbean Sun 26-Dec-04 16:25:06

Thanks Jampot. Until last year, Christmas has always been sad for me, she died in November so from November onwards im miserable. Ds arrived and i dont see it like that anymore, she would like that x

JudgeFlounce Sun 26-Dec-04 20:08:21

Message deleted

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