Molar Pregnancies...There's a light!

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dawnybabs26 Thu 23-Dec-04 09:44:40

Thank you so much for all your messages of support yesterday.
It really did make me feel so much better, and so much less alone

I went to the hospital yesterday and did a pregnancy test, which came back negative, which means my Hcg levels have dropped (a good sign!) and I'm being referred to the follow-up centre in Sheffield for 6 months of checks.

But I feel like there's a light at the end tunnel!

And thank you to feastofstevenmom for the babycenter web address.
When I found out that I'd had a molar pregnancy, I felt even more isolated than before, but at the babycenter I found lots of people just like me, and there's even a girl there from Newcastle upon Tyne too!

Once again,

Many Thanks & Merry Xmas xxx.

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