Three years and still counting

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angiebaby78 Wed 12-Mar-08 10:18:49

If you know me or have read my other thread you will know that yesterday was the three year anni of my dp passing on. It went well ( if you can say that!! ) It was respectful and the kids were great. I had some phone calls from people i wasnt expecting to hear from . That was nice to know that they havnt forgotten. I spoke to his ds which again was nice. The day went by and instead of the gloom i expected to feel all i felt was comfort.?? I was walking to school on my own in the afternoon by myself, It was quiet and the wind was blowing but i didnt feel worried, i felt like the wind was holding me safe, just like he did. So today as the wind blows, i feel wrapped in love . i feel peaceful and at ease. Not sure how long it will last but we will see. xx

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NicMac Wed 12-Mar-08 11:12:59

just wanted to wish you well and how incredibly strong you sound. very best wishes for the future. Keep holding on to your happy memeories.

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