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Fundraising In loving memory of our son James

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vio Tue 11-Mar-08 18:54:17

Our son James was born on 28 Apr 2007, he sadly passed away on 11 Sep 2007, in our arms at Robin House ( Children's Hospice).
James was born with a rare genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, he had the most severe form of EB and was fatal in infancy.
James skin was as fragile as butterfly wings, his skin broke at even the slightest touch, causing painful open blisters and wounds, the blistering was not limited to his skin, but also affected his inner body linings, such as his mouth and oesophagus. James was a very brave wee boy, he was a son we have always been proud of and it has been a privilege to be his parents. In loving memory of our son James Terrence Lynch ( Jim Jim ), we are going to do the Great Scottish Walk on 11 May 2008 in Glasgow, please support us by visiting our fundraising website, thank you very much!

NomDePlume Tue 11-Mar-08 18:55:49

he was a very beautiful little boy, vio. Good luck with the walk smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 11-Mar-08 19:02:50

What a gorgeous boy, you must be so proud of him.

I lost my son last year and all my spare cash goes to charities that were involved in his care. So sorry I can't make a donation, but I send you lots of love and strength xx

BandofMothers Tue 11-Mar-08 19:03:41

OMG, beautiful big eyes. What a sweetie, I am so sorry for your loss, but glad you had the time that you did have too. I hope you have a bright sunny day for the walk.

scottishmummy Tue 11-Mar-08 19:15:05

awww JimJim issamshing look at all that hair!Doing the Great Scottish Walk is such a good idea - thinking about you

happymumathome Tue 11-Mar-08 21:55:14

Good luck with the fundraising, I am so sorry for your loss xxx

Blu Tue 11-Mar-08 22:00:16

Vio - I remember when James was born, and when he died. he was a darling, bautiful boy. Wishing you strength and success for your walk.

Beauregard Tue 11-Mar-08 22:13:11

Vio-I am so sorry sad
Your son was beautiful i bet he makes a wonderful star .


vio Tue 11-Mar-08 22:20:09

Thanks very much! Big thank you to those who has donated, you know who you are. Also big thank you for even just visiting his website, it certainly help raise awareness of the condition and the charity. Please share his website with your friends, colleauges, and family. again it is Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Blu Wed 12-Mar-08 12:10:28


Pesha Wed 12-Mar-08 12:37:23

Vio I remember you from the April threads. It took me 2 attempts to read through the letter on Jim Jim's memorial page. He was such a beautiful little boy with the most amazing eyes.

Good luck with your walk and all future fundraising you do smile

cazzybabs Wed 12-Mar-08 12:44:53

I remember when you posting about your ds. Good luck for your walk

stanleysmother Wed 12-Mar-08 13:13:04

I have never seen such a beautiful baby. He must have been the light of your life. I am so terribly sorry for your loss and wish you well for the future

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 13:23:00

hi everyone, again big thank you for your kind donation and also big thank you for your kind words!! i believe the world can be a better place if we all try! Thank you fellow mumsnetters!

LooptheLoop Wed 12-Mar-08 13:25:06

So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful thing you are doing - have just donated.

Good luck with the walk.

Maveta Wed 12-Mar-08 13:36:54

Vio I can't pay with any of the cards it asks for.. I can send you some money by paypal, can you accept that and then make the donation on my behalf? I also remember you via the April threads, I am so so sorry for your loss, he was a gorgeous little boy.

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 13:51:13

yes, maveta, please email you email address to, I will then give you the email address for paying via paypal. I will then make donation on your behalf. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! most mums on mumsnet are very kind!

Maveta Wed 12-Mar-08 14:07:40

ok vio, have emailed you

Psychobabble Wed 12-Mar-08 14:19:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 14:22:03

Thanks ladies!! I don't know what else to say apart from ' THANK YOU '! every £ means a lot to us, even if you are unable to donate, your kind words counts! please help us raise funds by sharing the page with everyone in your emails!

Blu Wed 12-Mar-08 15:28:18

Vio - keep saying 'thank you' - it bumps your thread nicely wink

margoandjerry Wed 12-Mar-08 15:34:01

I've seen your posts before about your beautiful son. I'm so sorry and good luck with the walk.

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 15:59:09

yes Blu! thanks ladies, and margoandjerry!

margoandjerry Wed 12-Mar-08 16:00:30

I'm a lady too you know wink

Just bumping you really....

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 16:16:23

maveta, thanks, do you want me to put y'Maveta'? or your name?

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