Love never dies

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vio Tue 12-Feb-08 01:35:41

I cannot sleep tonight...I miss my son. It's been exactly 5 months since he passed away and I miss him everyday.

I went to Robin House yesterday to attend a meeting for bereaved parents, it was good and it made me think so much more about life, Robin House is a children's Hospice, wonderful place, sadly it's also a place where children die. I love the place though, it's another world, you see the best of people, you feel love.

Love never never dies, my boy lives forever in my heart and he's loved and remembered forever.

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PenelopePitstops Tue 12-Feb-08 01:41:03

what a lovely post, thinking of you tonight vio xx

dippydeedoo Tue 12-Feb-08 01:52:07

vio,hugs hun xxxxx 5 months is only the blink of an eye hun its still early early days,sending my thoughts to youxxxxxx

Granny22 Tue 12-Feb-08 01:59:53

Love never dies - your son lived and lives on in memory. Only his body is gone - his spirit and love will always be with you.

I have been to Robin House too and also felt it to be a very special place. My sister raises funds for CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland - who run Robin House) and I help her as much as I can. I will tell her that it has given comfort to you.

hazygirl Tue 12-Feb-08 09:28:35

v io thinking of you, and big hugs ,xx

FioFio Tue 12-Feb-08 09:30:04

Message withdrawn

marina Tue 12-Feb-08 09:42:39

vio, sending you and your son lots of love XXX

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 12-Feb-08 09:55:23

I am so sorry for your loss.

Sending peace and love

NicMac Wed 13-Feb-08 18:15:48

Vio, I am sending you lots of love and strength. Well done for going to the meeting, it may give you some kind of support,if that is the right word, to meet people going through the pain that you too are suffering. Thinking of you and your family. Keep your son alive in your heart as you are doing every day. Much love

hertsnessex Wed 13-Feb-08 18:27:19

Thinknig of you Vio, it is early days, but so pleased the centre helped you.


stickyj Wed 13-Feb-08 18:41:16

Vio, I remember your son and his heroic struggle for life. I remember your posts and your courage and dignity but I just needed to say this - you are a mum, you will always be a mum and even though your son is not here in body, he's here in your thoughts, the air, the stars, the thoughts of all your relatives that loved him and still do, he's always going to be here because he lived and was loved.

My love to your son, in his place of peace and my love to you as his mum..xxxx

stuffitllama Wed 13-Feb-08 18:54:37

Vio I'm so sorry. Very moved by your post and your grief. With love to you and your son.

Danae Wed 13-Feb-08 19:00:27

Message withdrawn

KKx Thu 13-Mar-08 19:55:05

Thinking of you too, sorry for your loss.

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