Please please please please please please sign this petition

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MerryMetrobaby Sun 05-Dec-04 14:30:00

A few months ago I posted about a very close friend of mine whose nephew died at 2 years in a duckpond on a caravan site.

The family have now organised a petition to campaign for safer public water attractions. They'd be very grateful if you could sign the petition here


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mishi9123 Sun 05-Dec-04 14:34:00

will do

mishi9123 Sun 05-Dec-04 14:35:37

hope you dont mind but i have passed linlk on as well

Demented Sun 05-Dec-04 14:38:32

Have done Metro, hugs to you all.

misdee Sun 05-Dec-04 14:40:41

have signed, and wandered briefly round the site. the fence on the pond is so so low. not safe at all.

tammyBEARinggifts Sun 05-Dec-04 14:49:29

signed it too. how awful. hugs to the family xxxxx

vanessa13 Sun 05-Dec-04 14:58:36

this has really touched my heart in a big way, my heart goes out to you

jingleballs Sun 05-Dec-04 14:58:58

sorry that music, brought a tear to my eye, given the context.

jingleballs Sun 05-Dec-04 14:59:26

sorry ( also signed the form, and thinking about the parents. best wishes)

Poo2 Sun 05-Dec-04 15:13:36

Have signed it - God how awful.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Sun 05-Dec-04 16:00:57

Have signed it for all of us here. So so sad

pixiefish Sun 05-Dec-04 16:16:57

Signed it

pixiefish Sun 05-Dec-04 16:21:35

Have also sent the confirmation email n to everyone in my address book and asked them to do the same- Porthmadog isn't that far from me Metrobaby

littlemissbossy Sun 05-Dec-04 16:26:32

I've signed it too

pixiefish Sun 05-Dec-04 16:42:55


cazzybabs Sun 05-Dec-04 16:58:57

Have signed it.

mishi9123 Sun 05-Dec-04 18:07:54

i have added link to a few other pages i post on

saintnikcolas Sun 05-Dec-04 18:28:43

how sad hugs to the family xxxxxxxxxxx

i have signed

MancMum Sun 05-Dec-04 18:38:53

signed.. with tears and hugs for my kids...

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Sun 05-Dec-04 18:52:59

I have signed it and as a health & safety person myself, I will bump it at every available opportunity.
The website was very touching - I hope the petition makes a difference & raises the awareness of such issues.

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Sun 05-Dec-04 19:38:03


Yorkiegirl Sun 05-Dec-04 19:47:23

Message withdrawn

yuleicorn Sun 05-Dec-04 19:50:07

so,so, sad..... such a waste.

I have filled in petition, I hope it will help make these places 'wake up'.. kids + water rarely mix.

MarsselectionboxLady Sun 05-Dec-04 20:04:46

How awful! I have forwarded the link to my family. Have signed the petition. Just looked in on my DTs and the other children. I'm thanking God for them. I feel so sad! I only pray that this petition helps to change things.

PickasillyChristmasName Sun 05-Dec-04 20:09:46

I've signed it - some things in this world just aren't fair

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