Memorial Service

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lottiejenkins Sat 02-Feb-08 16:41:32

Ive just got home, what a very moving service. The church which is HUGE was filled to capacity, i wasnt doing too badly till another GP in the practise stood up to speak and read part of the letter that i wrote to the local newspaper about dear deaparted GP. At that point i lost it totally and sobbed, the poor people round me!! Anyway it was a service that he would have loved if he'd been alive to be there if you know what i mean!!

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justjules Sat 02-Feb-08 11:38:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 02-Feb-08 11:37:28

Bless him indeed. If only there were more people like him, he sounds like a wonderful GP and person.

lottiejenkins Sat 02-Feb-08 11:35:53

I dont know if I should be posting this here but am feeling very sad, Im going out at 1 o clock to a memorial service for our families old GP. He had only retired just over a year ago and was still doing locum work. He saw my family through so much. My first son died at two hours old and he was the first person to come and see me when i got home, then when my second son was taken ill at 3 weeks he was there with us too. When my husband was taken ill and died he saw us through that. My second son is profoundly deaf and he supported me through that too. He was so good with children too giving them chcoloate buttons when they went to see him, our whole community is heartbroken. It seems so sad that he had so little time with his family after his retirement. He was a very special person and its true that God takes the best people first! God Bless him!!

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