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LOVEMYMUM Wed 16-Jan-08 19:31:19

Oh dear, you have been thru an awful time.

Please take each day as it comes. Is it possible for you to do some kind of relaxation class?

becaroo Tue 15-Jan-08 19:56:49

Thats great wildwind.

Keeping everything crossed for you smile


frogger77 Tue 15-Jan-08 19:50:07

Thats great news wildwind, will keep everything crossed for you. grin

wildwind Tue 15-Jan-08 17:08:43

Hello lovely women,

After further scare yesterday (bit bleeding)contacted obs/gyn and they did scan this morning. Bit small for this stage BUT ALL OK SO FAR!!!!!!!!!! So unbelievably relieved.grin Thanks for the good vibes.

Those who had m/c before will understsnd that my hope is guarded, especially since we previously started off well, but then...

BUT, for now fingers crossed and holding breath til we're a bit further on.

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wildwind Sun 13-Jan-08 12:47:51

Thank you all for your support - really helps! Will see if I can get scan. Thakns you lovely women out there.

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justjules Sun 13-Jan-08 12:25:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NAB3wishesfor2008 Sun 13-Jan-08 12:20:14

You should be able to get a scan at 6 weeks with your previous losses. sad

Ring the hospital and speak to a m/w who knows your history.

I hope all is fine.


becaroo Sun 13-Jan-08 11:23:58 sorry you are going through this.

Why cant you get a scan at an EPU at 6 weeks? I had one to confirm mc at 6 weeks. I would get on to your local hospital about this and contact the EPU direct.

Really hope things turn out well for you xx

(I am 35 and just got another positive test so fingers crossed!)

ChristmasShinySnowflakes Sun 13-Jan-08 11:12:36

Sorry I have no experience or advice to offer, but didn't want your thread to go unanswered.

Try to stay positive, things may not be as they first seem, and whatever happens you will have all of our support.

Hopefully someone will be along with better support soon xx

Tamum Sun 13-Jan-08 11:11:57

Oh god you poor thing. I don't know what to suggest except that I know other people have posted on here about symptoms stopping but still being pregnant. I just didn't want not to respond- will keep everything crossed for you.

wildwind Sun 13-Jan-08 11:09:49

Dear all,

Whatever happens happens, I know, but need a bit of moral support, as panic has now firmly grabbed hold of me.

New Year 2006, I had rather traumatic pregnancy (bleeding, not bleeding, scan ok, not ok), miscarriage at 16th week with heavy blood loss, nearly fainting and rushing to hospital - D&C.

Pregnant again in June 2007 - again scan ok, then maybe, then not ok at 10th week. Doc and us decided on D&C.

Now - dare I say, positive test and 6 weeks BUT dripping with sweat last night (as with first), very weepy - and ALL PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS STOPPED, boobs not sore any longer, hunger stopped, tiredness lifted, tummy down. Excpecting the worst, but apparently too early for scan - have to wait for two weeks! angry

Am now 37 and still no children. Maybe no hope? [hmmm]

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