Missed m/c .How long will it take to let it happen naturally?

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guzzler Thu 18-Nov-04 18:26:58

Hi all - haven't left a message here before but desperately need help. Found out I had a missed miscarriage at nuchal scan on Monday night (15/11) - was 12 wks +3days. They think baby died at 7 weeks. I've had a very light (i.e. not heavy) brown loss since Sunday and would much prefer to let it happen naturally but have no idea how long it will take. Has anyone else had experience of this and how long did it take for you? Thanks very much.

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myermay Thu 18-Nov-04 18:31:23

Message withdrawn

DelGirl Thu 18-Nov-04 18:36:15

really sorry to hear this guzzler . I had a missed m/c at almost 11 weeks but the baby had died at around 7/8 weeks. I had an ERPC but tbh, i'm not sure it made it any easier as I then seemed to lose it about a week later and the bleeding went on for another week or so after that. tbh, it could take a while, so sorry. Have your EPU given you any idea of how long it will take without intervention?)

hester Thu 18-Nov-04 18:41:03

Oh guzzler, I am so sorry . I have been miscarrying since the weekend, so I know just how awful this is. I don't know the answer to your question, as my miscarriage wasn't 'missed'. But i do understand how you must be feeling. Huge hugs from me.

hester Thu 18-Nov-04 19:07:05

bump - has anyone else got advice for guzzler?

paolosgirl Thu 18-Nov-04 19:09:17

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss . The same thing happened to me at 11 weeks, and a scan showed our baby had died at 7 weeks. I began spotting on the Friday, and actually miscarried on the Tuesday. Not to be too graphic, but I miscarried everything in one, so there was no doubt. I don't know what any other miscarriages are like, or how long it might take. Thinking of you.

gingernut Thu 18-Nov-04 20:49:20

Sorry to hear this guzzler, and about you too hester.

I had a m/c with first pg. Started with a very faint pinkish discharge on the Tuesday. On the Saturday it became heavier, by the Sunday I was definitely bleeding. Went for a scan Monday morning (couldn't get one over the weekend) to be told the sac was empty and was booked in for an ERPC a few days later. However, I miscarried naturally that afternoon, evening and through the night (had contractions for maybe 12 hours) and passed the sac when I got up the next morning. So it took nearly a week from the very first signs.

I was pleased it happened naturally but wouldn't have wanted it dragging on a long time, which it can do (judging by previous threads I've seen on here). Did they give you a date to go back in?

Look after yourself.

Azure Fri 19-Nov-04 09:02:00

Guzzler, so sorry to hear your news. I've not had a missed miscarriage, but have miscarried twice, the first at just under 12 weeks. I don't want to distress you even more, but the first m/c was truely awful - I've never lost so much blood or matter. It also went on and on for 2 months. My second m/c (at 8-9 weeks) was completely different - the bleeding much lighter, and it was over with in a week and a half. I didn't have a ERPC in either case, but really wish I had done the first time. See how it goes - TBH the longer it takes, the more distressing it is likely to be. I would advise arranging an appointment for, say, a week's time to see whether there is still any retained products, and then strongly consider an ERPC if there is a lot left. Take care of yourself at this difficult time.

MrsWednesday Fri 19-Nov-04 09:37:14

Guzzler, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I found out I'd had a missed m/c at a scan at 13 weeks (the baby had died at 8 weeks). I can't advise about how long it would take to happen naturally, as I opted to have a D&C because, without wanting to be too graphic, I didn't feel I could cope with what would come out.

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope it is over quickly and painlessly. Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs.x

guzzler Fri 19-Nov-04 10:47:54

Thanks all and I'm very saddened to hear your stories but it really helps to know others have been there and got through it all. I've an appointment to go back in two weeks time for another scan to see "whats left". I think I'm going to wait until then as really don't fancy the prospect of a general anaesthetic (sp??!) - also I've been told i've a heart shaped uterus which could make the ERPC more tricky. Am trying to be strong but still feeling very nauseous/headachy/dizzy as my body still thinks I'm pg and this is very hard to take. If anyone does have any more advice pls let me know. Thanks again

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krisked Fri 19-Nov-04 13:37:16

Guzzler, Im so sorry to hear this happened. I had a missed M/C at 9 weeks, they think baby died at 8. They sent me home for two weeks but nothing happened and so they booked me in for ERPC. They talked about infection and i personally felt that i couldn't go on much longer feeling pregnant. I kept convincing myself that they had got it wrong and thats why i hadn't m/c.

How do you feel about the waiting??

mieow Fri 19-Nov-04 13:40:49

Guzzler, I had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks, the hospital thought the baby died at 5 weeks. It took about three days for the whole thing to compplete. I hope you are ok ((((HUGS))))

bonkerz Fri 19-Nov-04 13:41:00

sorry for your loss guzzler

I MC at 7 weeks and let it happen naturally, in all it took prob 6 days. Im so sorry.

Sparks Fri 19-Nov-04 13:52:05

Hi Guzzler - so sorry to hear this. I had a similar situation to yours about 2 years ago. Went for a scan at 12 weeks and was told the baby had probably died at 8 weeks. Like you I was given another appointment in 2 weeks time. I ended up having the m/c about 10 days later. It it took 2 1/2 days. Even though it was a truly horrible experience, I was glad that I was able to "do it myself" and not have any surgery. Good luck and (((hugs)))

MrsFogi Fri 19-Nov-04 14:19:08

Guzzler, I'm so sorry about your m/c. I had a missed m/c in June at 11.5 weeks, the baby had died at 9.5 weeks. Like you I absolutely did not want to have a general anaesthetic. It is possible to have d&C under local anaesthetic but apparently it is pretty unpleasant. After the first scan I insisted on waiting a while to see if the m/c would happen naturally. In the week following the scan the pregnancy sac came out (very painful contractions for about 8 hours) and I hoped that the blood, clots and sac would mean that the m/c had happened. When I went for the next scan (about a week after the first) I was told that a fair amount of the pregnancy still remained. At this scan the dr explained that I could wait for a natural m/c and did not seem worried about infection. He said there was a risk that some matter would never pass and this could risk cysts (?not sure, I think?) but in his opinion this was not a big risk and it was more a question of how long I figured I could wait as it could take a while. Again, I decided to wait for a while as I was still petrified of the idea of a general anaesthetic. However after a few days I decided I couldn't cope with waiting as I just wanted to get the m/c over with so that we could grieve the loss and then think about getting back to ttc again. So I had a d&c and the procedure and anaesthetic were fine. However, I have since learnt that the dr who did the d&c seems to have been a bit overenthusiastic and left me with some scarring which may mean that ttc is more difficult (more difficult for implantation and higher risk of eptopic pregnancy). With hindsight I'm afraid I just can't say whether I'd still have done the d&c or not. I'd really spend some time talking through the pros and cons of both waiting and d&c with your dr and then decide what you want to do and don't be afraid to change your mind if you take the waiting route and then it all gets a bit too much of a wait. Hugs from me.

strawberry Fri 19-Nov-04 14:33:34

So sorry to hear this Guzzler. I had a missed mc in May. I had no bleeding and waited 3 weeks altogether. Eventaully i had the D&C which was fine. I had no bleeding afterwards either.

It is just very variable. My friend bled on/off for weeks but did not want a D&C. The doctors concern with waiting is the risk of infection. And the risks of D&C are those related to surgery (scarring/bleeding) and General anaesthetic. have you had a GA before?

Perhaps if you have started bleeding, nature is beginning to take it's course...

Good luck whatever you decide.

ChicPea Fri 19-Nov-04 14:36:24

Sorry to read about your miscarriage Guzzler. If you don't want to wait or have a surgical procedure, what about the Abortion Pill, the RU486 which will speed things up and ensure you expel everything? It's a prosglandin which means that no surgery if you are worried about that and scar tissue, etc - see Mrs Fogi's post (sympathies).
Good luck and hugs.

berolina Fri 19-Nov-04 14:42:12

Oh Guzzler, so very sorry about your bad news. You sound very brave.
I have miscarried once but very early on (5 weeks) and it was a complete m/c so I have no experience of the situation you describe. The others have given you the best advice, I think. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about the awful shock you must have had at the scan. Thinking of you. (((hugs)))

guzzler Fri 19-Nov-04 17:39:47

Thankyou all this is really helpful to me. I've not had a GA before and feel i could cope with the waiting as I really don't want to do anything to affect my future fertility (even though I know the risk is v v minimal). Those of you that did wait for it to happen naturally - (and apologies for being graphic) did the blood loss come sudden and heavy and fast or did it just slowly happen (as I've had a very slow brown loss for 5 days now - like the end of a period) and no sign of increase)? Did anyone else start with this loss and how did it continue? Also may consider the medical (pill) route - has anyone experienced this? Thank you all so much again - don't know what I'd have done without you!

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Bubu Fri 19-Nov-04 17:55:06

Guzzler, I'm so sorry!! I had a missed miscarraige a couple of weeks ago. In my opinion I would get to the hospital for a D & C as soon as you can, they couldn't take me for 4 days and I basically lost my baby by myself and it was very distressing. I think if I had got the D & C immediately the whole thing wouldn't have been so bad. I started bleeding on the Friday and had my D & C on the Wednesday. Up until the Tuesday I had just a normal period and then on the Tuesday I started bleeding really heavily and was losing what seemed to be great mounds of liver, it is really horrid and I don't think you should let it happen that way if you can. I'm really sorry again, take care of yourself and take things at your own pace for a while.

leander Fri 19-Nov-04 23:08:01

guzzler, I am so sorry you are going through this right now.I had a missed mc last year i was 13 wks and the baby was only 9 wks,I had slight spotting but like you no proper bleeding.After my scan we went through the options and as it was the week before christmas I didn't feel I could wait for it to happen naturally I wanted christmas to be as normal as possible for my ds,If I had opted for a d&c then it would have been the day before christmas eve and I was terrified at the thought of surgery so We opted for the pill.They gave me the first one there and then and I had to return to hospital the following morning and was given another pill.Very quickly afterwards I got really bad stomach pains, like the worst period pains i had ever had.I was then given another tablet 4 hrs later,the pain increased and i started bleeding.Everytime i went to the toilet I had to pee in a bowl and give it to the nurse to examine.About 4hrs ater the 2nd tablet I passed the baby,this i wasnt prepared for i thought everything would kind of break up but it didnt, I could definately tell it was a baby.The bleeding got heavier so tyhey weren't prepared to let me home but after much pleading that i had to get back to my 2yr old they finally let me go home about 10pm.I was back after 2 days after passing something else which i think was part of the placenta and was given antibiotics as my cervix had been open too long, I bled for about 10 days.It didnt affect my fertility as i am pregnant again.I hope this isn't too graphic and I hope it helps.{{{{{hugs}}}} Leander xx

ChicPea Fri 19-Nov-04 23:10:12

How awful Leander that you had to go through this but wonderful that you are pregnant again. This is the pill I mentioned earlier to Guzzler.

leander Mon 22-Nov-04 10:32:59

Just wondering how you are Guzzler,I have been thinking of you all weekend xx

guzzler Mon 22-Nov-04 10:41:19

Thanks Leander. I'm feeling a bit better thanks. The bleeding has started to get very slightly heavier so I'm hoping this will increase and turn into a full m/c (how odd, wishing for a m/c???). I'm giving it to the end of the month then reviewing my options - just want it over with before Christmas if at all possible. Glad to hear your pg again - hows it all going?

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leander Mon 22-Nov-04 10:48:58

Glad you are feeling a bit better,Just make sure you have loads of rest and tlc.
Everything with me is fine thanks I am due in April and it has been a tentative pg with lots or worrying but everthing seems to be ok. xx

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