One of the mums at dd's school has just lost her dad ,what do you suppose i could do to help her?

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XmastimePelvicfloorsandWine Tue 18-Dec-07 11:48:19

sadI know i can't do anything to really help her but there must be something.
I have offered my services as a babysitter(she has 4 dc)if needed.
What else could i do ?

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Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 12:04:04

I would make up a meal (eg lasagne) in a dish you can afford not to see again (or put your name on the base with a permanent marker), and leave it on her doorstep for her or hand it over with very little fuss. And if it seems to hit the spot, do it again in a couple of days. I'm sure thinking about preparing food is the last thing on her mind. I would also offer to shop for her, if you know her well enough to know what she might like.

Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 12:04:28

Meant to add, how desperately sad for her - sad

XmastimePelvicfloorsandWine Tue 18-Dec-07 12:08:15

Thanks Miaou that sounds like it would be appreciated.

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WendyWeber Tue 18-Dec-07 12:11:40

You mean the DCs dad or her own dad?

GColdtimer Tue 18-Dec-07 12:12:17

I think practical help is a godsend at a time like this and like Miaou says, cooking is one of the best things you can do as everyone needs to eat but nobody can be bothered to cook. When my bf lost her husband a few weeks ago my MIL cooked loads of soup to put in her freezer, it was so welcome.

Also, as you have already offered, school runs, babysitting, lifts, etc.

XmastimePelvicfloorsandWine Tue 18-Dec-07 12:12:21

her own dad,sorry if i have confused

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stockingfiller Tue 18-Dec-07 12:12:30

could you ask her if she wants to watch her dc's get her food basics (bread,milk sugar)
think the taking her a meal round would be a good idea!

Waswondering Tue 18-Dec-07 12:14:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

XmastimePelvicfloorsandWine Tue 18-Dec-07 12:19:04

She has said she is taking the dc to the funeral but i could offer to have the younger ones for her,good idea.

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Waswondering Tue 18-Dec-07 19:05:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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