I talked to mum this morning. She was gone this afternoon.

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Darkpheonix Thu 02-Dec-21 19:39:57

Hi, I don't know why I am posting. My kids are devastated, dp doesn't know what to say.

She was fine til a few weeks ago. We booked theatre tickets to her favourite show for next year. Then she struggled to breath and go diagnosed with asthma.

Today, I spoke to her. She had opened door number 2 on the Advent calendar I got her. It was a conditioner. She was going to wash her hair and use it.

Before she got to the shower, she couldn't breathe. Dad got her inhaler but it didn't help and he called an ambulance. They arrived quickly, she collapsed and stopped breathing and they couldn't get her back.

I walked into their house and she was gone. She was in bed, the ambulance people still there.

I have had to phone family. Dad is worrying that she had a hair appointment booked and I can't get hold of her hair dresser to cancel.

Dad's broken. I am just sat feeling numb. I should be in pain and know it will probably come. But I don't want it to. I want to be numb forever.

I keep getting upset over the Advent calendar that will remain unopened from today. It was meant for her to treat herself. To pamper herself. And now it's just there.

I don't know what to do. I don't how she was here and then she wasn't. I miss her already.

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ButterflyWitch Thu 02-Dec-21 19:41:43

I'm so sorry OP

shivermetimbers77 Thu 02-Dec-21 19:42:57

I’m so sorry OP, this is such a huge shock for you and your family. Sending un-mumsnetty hugs to you.

Brenna24 Thu 02-Dec-21 19:43:25

I am so sorry for your loss. What an awful shock for you all. I am afraid that I have no advice for you but I want to say that it sounds like she was a wonderful woman and mother who was well loved. Do you want to talk about her?

Drunkpanda Thu 02-Dec-21 19:43:58

I am so, so sorry Op. flowers

CherryCoco Thu 02-Dec-21 19:56:45

I'm so sorry, sending you thanks

CloudyStorms Thu 02-Dec-21 19:58:49

flowers I am so sorry


iklboodolphrednosedpaindear Thu 02-Dec-21 19:59:36

I'm so, so sorry thanks

DramaAlpaca Thu 02-Dec-21 20:00:21

I'm so sorry flowers

anon12345678901 Thu 02-Dec-21 20:00:51

I'm so very sorry for your loss thanks

HollowTalk Thu 02-Dec-21 20:00:52

What a terrible shock. I'm so sorry. It seems unbelievable doesn't it? You'll have to really be very kind to yourself. The shock and the loss together will be very tough on you all. 💐

Mantlemoose Thu 02-Dec-21 20:01:15

@Darkpheonix I'm so sorry for your loss, that's so sudden it's hard to process.

Honkytonkyhonky Thu 02-Dec-21 20:05:53

I’m so sorry

We lost my fil in feb-the part that got to me the most was he had his beers in the fridge and the tanker we bought him in the cabinet

He’d never get to drink them or use the tanker again

My mil is so lost,they where married just shy of 50 years

It’s ok to feel numb,it’s ok to be angry,it’s ok not to cry-if you feel it (or not) it’s ok

They say times a healer-it’s not,you just learn to deal with it better

My inbox is always open if you just want an ear or to scream

Go easy on yourself and lean on your loved ones in real life too

I’m sending so much love from the midlands

BirdyBirdyTweetTweet Thu 02-Dec-21 20:07:47

I'm so sorry OP. My thoughts with you. thanks

DontKnowWhatToThink7 Thu 02-Dec-21 20:08:35

What an awful shock. I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. flowers

Pinkclarko Thu 02-Dec-21 20:10:27

I am so sorry. I lost my mum suddenly like that when I was 30, it’s awful I know. Take care of yourself. Xxx

RandomMess Thu 02-Dec-21 20:10:30

So sorry thanks

gogohm Thu 02-Dec-21 20:11:36

So sorry opthanks

You are in shock, still processing it. Give yourself space to grieve, the kids will be ok, tell your dp what you need eg space, keep busy we are all different. Also tell friends how they can help

newfriend05 Thu 02-Dec-21 20:12:04

I'm so sorry op 💐

DeadoftheMoon Thu 02-Dec-21 20:13:00

I am very sorry. What a shock for you and your Dad. flowers

Sexnotgender Thu 02-Dec-21 20:13:09

I’m so sorry 💐

hedgehogger1 Thu 02-Dec-21 20:13:47

So sorry for your loss. Everything seems so much worse when it's out of the blue thanksthanks

ineedaholidayandwine Thu 02-Dec-21 20:13:56

I'm so so sorry OP.

pickingdaisies Thu 02-Dec-21 20:14:58

Oh you poor love, I'm so very sorry. It's not surprising that you feel numb, what a shock this is for you. There's no right and wrong way to feel when something like this happens. However you feel is right for you at the moment. Sending love flowers

DoucheCanoe Thu 02-Dec-21 20:15:58

I'm so sorry @Darkpheonix, there are no words to ease this right now but please know that there's no right/wrong way to grieve so take each moment as it comes.

Be with your Dad if it's what you both want and look after each other 💐

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