DP lost his brother 8 years ago now, and i feel sad for DS that he'll never meet him.

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minouminou Tue 27-Nov-07 00:12:34

That's it, really. Just thinking about it all of a sudden, about what we'll tell him when he's old enough to ask about family members.
He died in 2000 of leukaemia, and DS has just turned 1.
Just realised that there's an uncle missing, I guess.

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thegrowlygus Tue 27-Nov-07 08:21:38

My sister died the day my first son was born. Well - technically she died 3 days afterwards but I suspect she was brain dead the day he was born so never knew I had had him

DS1 is now 3 and we were looking at our wedding photos the other day, and I was suddenly being asked a lot of very difficult questions about his Aunty Julie - "where is she?" "why I not seen her?" etc etc.

It still hurts now that they will never know each other. She would've got such joy from him and his brother. And them from her too I suspect.

Sorry. That's not terribly helpful is it? Just that I was thinking much the same lately.

numptysmummy Tue 27-Nov-07 08:32:33

I too have nothing very helpful to say ex\cept that i too know how you feel. My gran died when i was just pregnant with dc3 and she never knew. She was such a huge part ofb dc1 and 2's life that i often feel sad that dc3 and 4 have missed that. Guess it's the time of year where you really miss loved ones sad

Olihan Tue 27-Nov-07 08:32:41

My dh also lost his brother, 7 years ago and the fact that our dcs will never know their uncle is FIL's biggest regret. DH doesn't talk about it much but I think he feels similarly. Our dcs have 2 blood aunts but no blood uncle and I think it's sad that they will not have that relationship so I understand where you are coming from. No useful advice but wanted you to know you are not alone.

minouminou Tue 27-Nov-07 17:29:25

Thanks, guys. I guess it is just that time o' year, especially as he died in late dec.
Still, we're planning to move up north to be nearer my family (mainly chicks, though!), so he'll have lots of older cousins and what not.

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