We had to have our beloved old dog Max put to sleep this morning

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Gingerbear Thu 22-Nov-07 21:28:05

Our lovely dalmatian, who was 13.
He was an old man, has been on anti-inflammatory medication for months for his arthritis, but it has hit us all really hard.

Found him this morning on his blanket shallow breathing and couldn't get up. Took him to vets as no-one could come out until after surgery had finished.

It was so hard telling DD when she came home from school, but she is taking it better than DH and I.
DD wants to make a memory book, I might need some help and ideas from my crafty friends xx

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Carmenere Thu 22-Nov-07 21:30:28

Oh dear, sorry for you GBsad

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 22-Nov-07 21:30:41

Aww sorry lady sad

He was quite an age, wasnt he?

MamaG Thu 22-Nov-07 21:32:09

I'm so sorry gb

LadyOfWaffle Thu 22-Nov-07 21:32:21

oh, it's awful when a family pet dies, DHs 14 year old dog was put down last year and it's terrible. Don't know if your the hugs type but {{hugs}} A memory book is a really lovely idea by the way.

Gingerbear Thu 22-Nov-07 21:35:30

He was VVV, and he seemed to be managing well, stiff legged and not walking far, but heart and lungs were fine.
He was begging for roast chicken yesterday and hoovering up the scraps that fell from DS's high chair smile

I am glad he isn't suffering any more.

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expatinscotland Thu 22-Nov-07 21:37:57

Oh, Ginger.

I'm very sorry.


Am in the midst of doing a memory book for our beloved Persian cat, Smokey, who died last month, so let us all know when you're ready to take this step.


Gingerbear Thu 22-Nov-07 23:27:26

thank you all.

Expat, I didn't realise your cat had died - so sorry, it is a bleak time isn't it?

Have been hunting through old photos - there are some lovely ones of DD and Max together. He was her best pal. She has drawn a picture of them both out walking, she is such a sweet girl.
I need to get some nice craft stuff and put all these things together for her (and me!)

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handlemecarefully Thu 22-Nov-07 23:30:00

Awwww so sorry Gingerbear. 13 years - he was an integral part of your life then sad

handlemecarefully Thu 22-Nov-07 23:31:28

Your dd will be fine. Children seem quite capable of dealing with these things (was amazed by how resilient my children were when they lost their grandfather earlier this year)

fortyplus Thu 22-Nov-07 23:34:10

Bloomin' animals... sad Hurts so much to lose them and their dear lives are so short, aren't they?

I've got a lovely old cat who is 16, now and she's getting a bit rickety. We'll all be devastated when we lose her.

bossybritches Thu 22-Nov-07 23:34:40

Ginger- been there -awful.

I used to be one of those who wasn't sympathetic (despite having been around dogs all my life) & was to my shame VERY intolerant of those grieving for their pooches.

Having had one cat & dog of my own who lived to ripe old age I now have more insight into the heartbreak it causes.

A memory book would be lovely. We still look at photos/tell stories of our beloved pets & it's part of the DD's history even when the real memories fade for them the stories remain & they love it.

Hugs for you if you are a huggy type & for your DD & DH too. xx

Gingerbear Thu 22-Nov-07 23:35:47

thanks HMC, there is a big gap now, you tend to take your pets for granted, and they get ignored in the busy family chaos at home. I miss daft stuff like having to step over him in the doorway and him hoovering up around DS's highchair.

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handlemecarefully Thu 22-Nov-07 23:37:16

Gingerbear - you are so right. You do take them for granted, and even get irritated with silly inconsequential things (like dog hair everywhere). But I can so imagine the big space he has left

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 22-Nov-07 23:50:29

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I haven't gone through the experience of losing a family pet.

bossybritches Fri 23-Nov-07 09:26:36

Ginger they're just THERE aren't they -I know what you mean about the big space.

My kitchen felt empty without a pooch.

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