In loving memory of James, please support DebRA & CHAS

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Vio Wed 14-Nov-07 16:14:40

Christmas is coming, most of us buy Christmas cards, why not buy them through DebRA & CHAS, two wonderful charites work very hard for children with Terminal illness, please support them, thanks!

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Marina Wed 14-Nov-07 20:43:26

bump for this extremely worthwhile cause

HairyIrene Thu 15-Nov-07 00:30:50

i'll look out for them

wasnt DebRA the charity james kennedy (?) supported (quite inspirational docu from channel 4?) boy with no skin
i think..

bookthief Thu 15-Nov-07 00:34:05


bookthief Thu 15-Nov-07 00:41:11


Vio Thu 15-Nov-07 17:29:21

yes irene, DebRA was jonny's charity. My son James was born with EB and he passed away in Sept 07. Support DebRA & CHAS, if you're buying xmas cards, instead of buying them from high street stores or supermarkets, buy them through these two wonderful charities, they are wonderful organisation.

DebRA has no advertisting budget so the charity is so little unknown or really unheard of for most people, for whose who was born with the condition, they turn to DebRA.

Anyone of you watch the programme 'LONG WAY DOWN' Ewan and Charlie visiting Robin House, they were in the rainbow room, where children stay after they have passed away, thats where James stayed until his funeral. WONDERFUL CHARITY!

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HairyIrene Thu 15-Nov-07 18:34:18

will check it out and get me cards

this was heartbreaking to watch (jonny) and i am so sad for your loss x

ScottishMummy Thu 15-Nov-07 18:46:06

very worthy i'm inwink

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