Been bleeding for 3 ½ weeks - advice please

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smilesattheweekend Fri 09-Nov-07 13:35:16

I started bleeding lightly and thought it was my period, after a week I had started to feel pg again, so took a test which was positive. This was my 5th pg, I have a son who is 4 (2 mc before him and 2 this year). I carried on bleeding and had contacted the EPU who booked me in for a scan in a week and a half, they said bleeding was implantation. However the following weekend I mc'd, had quite a lot of bleeding for one day and then it settled back down to the light bleeding. I have been bleeding since the mc and therefore for over 3 and a half weeks, sometimes it is really dark brown. I spoke to the EPU and they said to speak to dr to get blood HCG tested which I have, I phoned for results today and they told me to go back on monday and have another blood test. I am worried about infection etc(i know my cervix is still wide open), i have only had mild twinges and a funny sort of light headache. I really don't know what to do as previously I have just gone in and had a scan and they have said it was all gone!

Would really appreciate anyone's advice.



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sparkybabe Sat 10-Nov-07 13:34:52

HI smiles - don't have any answers Im afraid, but it sounds like you've been through the mill a bit! I'm quite surprised that you've been left to bleed for 3 weeks, with an open cervix -surely that should have setled down by now? I would try to talk to the dr monday (the blood test will be done by the nurse presumably) and get a scan/d&c or at least an examination.
The headache is prob from loss of blood? Drink lots.
Good luck.

scienceteacher Sat 10-Nov-07 13:39:05

I don't think it is too unusual to bleed for several weeks, especially if you aren't taking it easy and end up losing bright red blood every so often.

TwilightSurfer Sun 11-Nov-07 00:31:21

Smiles I miscarried Friday evening. Prior to the "actually" miscarriage I bled for a week and a by next Tuesday I'll will have been bleeding for two whole weeks. It's only been 24 hours since "it" happened and I'm still bleeding but the bleeding is different. Based on my understanding of things the stopping and starting can be cause by pieces of the previous pregnancy. If some is still present, no matter how small, it can confuse your hormones and not allow you to level out properly. If your scan showed it was all gone, you might should just give yourself a bit more time. Four to seven weeks is the average time to get all the kinks (so to speak) out of the system. As long as you don't have intercourse, take a bath, or douche you shouldn't be at risk for infection.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope this helps you cope.

TwilightSurfer Sun 11-Nov-07 00:41:24

Smiles I found this site very helpful:

gigglewitch Sun 11-Nov-07 01:49:09

smiles ((hugs)) to you.

i know that one of my m/c's lasted around a month - i was soooo knackered after that it took a very long time to feel 'normal' again, whatever that is.
i presume that you know if you have had more than 3 mc's you can get tested to see if there is a common cause of the mc's, tho the chances are that they don't find much.
Mine did, fortunately, and it turned out i am a walking antibody as i have neg blood group and DH is positive. 'rhesus incompatibility' they call it.
Get tested if you think it would help.
and good luck getting over all this, give yourself lots of time - if you need to.

jenjenns Sun 11-Nov-07 10:39:38

Hi, I had a missed miscarriage at 18 weeks and I was induced so I could deliver the baby. After this I kept bleeding as my cervix hadnt closed so my hospital gave me some tablets which helped to speed the process up. I still had retained products so had to go to theatre in the end but the scan would have shown this up if you had anything left. I have heard that it can take several weeks to stop bleeding, hope you're ok soon

kitpuss Sun 11-Nov-07 13:40:59

About 7 weeks ago I had some bleeding (I was 10weeks pregnant) and a scan revealed that my baby had died three weeks earlier. I waited to miscarry naturally, which actually wasn't half as bad as I had feared.
I feel as though the pregancy was all a dream and am worried that I am in denial about my loss. I already have a two year old, who is a delight, but at the same time he stops me from crying and feeling sad because I always have to put a brave face on to look after him.
I just seem to feel sad and a bit depressed all the time, any advice on how to get over it or is it just a question of time?

kitpuss Sun 11-Nov-07 13:42:58

Whoops I did that wrong, I meant to start a new thread, have never posted before!

smilesattheweekend Tue 13-Nov-07 20:43:02

Thanks for all your messages. It is comforting to have your thoughts etc. I went for a blood test which showed HCG although i am not sure what level, they just said that it wasn't enough to be a proper pregnancy and that I had miscarried - nothing new there. I have had three miscarriages before and they have all be different, from 12 weeks to 6 weeks, D&C and natural. I started to bleed heavier on Saturday and passed the sac. The bleeding has been heavier and more painful, slightly worse than a bad period I suppose. It is calming down now, I spoke to the doctor who said to wait for a week or so, and have another blood test. If feel really tired at the moment. I don't know whether it is just the miscarriage or the fact that my husband was made redundant at the end of October and wasn't paid for that month either, he has got some temporary work but it is rubbish pay, I am worrying about everything, how we will cope, christmas etc. On top of that the car was broken into and some equipment stolen so that pushed me over the edge last week. I just wish it would all stop. I can't think about trying again for a while. At least DS keeps me smiling when I feel like breaking down. I haven't told anyone at work about the mc and haven't had time off. I am trying to rest as much as I can but it isn't easy. DH and I are very close and we are keeping each other going though!
Thanks again for your replies.

Hugs to you all and your angels.X

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gigglewitch Tue 13-Nov-07 21:30:39

more ((hugs)) SATW. your last bit make tears get in my eyes. lots of us have angels dont we?sad

you are having such a cr@p time, you really deserve something good now.
I send you the most enormous wishes that 2008 brings you much better fortune... and maybe small addition to the family
look after yourself, and do whatever is best for you to get through this sad time
x x

Wilkie Tue 13-Nov-07 21:38:24

I bled for a week and a half and then miscarried at about 7 weeks. The bleeding then lasted about 2 weeks so 3 and a half in total.

Big hugs to you - you sound like you need it. <<< >>>

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