So it looks like ectopic after all [sad]

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pepperpots Thu 01-Nov-07 21:14:57

Well Thursday night i was rushed in with terrible pain sad This did subside but they said they wanted to keep me in overnight to be on the safe side. Friday morning I woke up and found i was bleeding sad. They ran another scan and said they could see 'a mass' where my right tube was. Within 3 hours my situation had gone from painfil to life threatening as the tube ruptured. I suffered internal bleeding and nearly died sadsad I not only lost the baby but also my right tube. I have been left with a lap scar (in my belly button) and a scar that runs the length of my bikin line. Not to mention the bruises where the morphine/drips/wharfin(sp)/catheter went sadsad
How the hell did this happen and how on earthg do i get through this???
I have been trying for 2.5 years and now i only have one tube left sad
I haven't been able to get my head around the fact i almost died and that i nearly left my 2 ds's without a mummy sad

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Lulumama Thu 01-Nov-07 21:16:43

sad am so , so , so very sorry

so sorry

don;t know what to say, except i am so terribly sorry for your loss

Santasmissyontheside Thu 01-Nov-07 21:18:11

Hugs your way x

orangehead Thu 01-Nov-07 21:21:31

Im so sorry. I can understand the grieve part as I have had mcs, but to lose your tube and the trauma of what has happened must be really hard. Some hospitals do support groups, which may offer you support. So sorry for your loss

lomond Thu 01-Nov-07 21:25:13

I am so sorry for your loss sad

flamingtoaster Thu 01-Nov-07 21:26:19

I've no experience of this but just wanted to say I am sorry you lost your baby, and had the additional trauma of losing your tube.

lissietothosefireworks Thu 01-Nov-07 21:29:39

im so so sorry. i had an ep in feb and nothing anyone could say made me feel better (lost left tube and had laparotomy too). i know right now it seems pretty desperate but please PLEASE concentrate on getting better. you have had major surgery. you came through it and it WILL get easier. do you have CAT?

pepperpots Thu 01-Nov-07 21:31:15

lissie i don't have cat how do i get that?
Would you believe i been mumsnetting for 2 years blush

To be honest right now i can't see me getting through this i am just so devasated sad

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lissietothosefireworks Thu 01-Nov-07 21:37:00

i will CAT you now. it does get easier, i promise. i am angry that this was missed before. there is a ttc after ep thread somewhere (bit dusty, not been used in a while)and yahoo have an ep support group too. there is also the EPT. i will email you links, just reply to my CAT.

your remaining ovary/tube WILL work harder (im led to believe)and you will recieve an appointment from your consultant in a while but please dont ttc for a while. i did and it was totally the wrong thing to do x

MaureenMLove Thu 01-Nov-07 21:38:15

Pepperpots <<<hugs>>> I've been there too - twice.

You know what? It wasn't the fact that I lost the baby or the tube, but like you, it was the overwhelming thought that I nearly died and left DH and DD behind. sad

I'm so, so sorry you are going through this right now, your OP sound exactly like it could be written by me. Don't know what to say, just sending hugs. xx

pepperpots Thu 01-Nov-07 21:40:50

Lissie why was it the wrong thing to do?

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sweetkitty Thu 01-Nov-07 21:43:54

pepperpots - so so sorry this has happened to you sad

lissietothosefireworks Thu 01-Nov-07 21:46:19

tbh, i wasnt ready. i hadnt mourned my baby but physically i hadnt recovered. you have had major surgery (a laparotomy too) and that takes a while to heal. i (unfortunately) mc'd and it just bought the whole experience back. an ep is very traumatic ( i remember trying to bribe the nurse to let me off the bed on my way down to theatre) and its taken me til now to accept that it has happened. everyone deals with it differently, but essentially, you need to recover, you need to grieve and you need to see your consultant and talk about your options

MaureenMLove Thu 01-Nov-07 21:53:56

Good advice there PP. Make sure you take full advantage of every opportunity to talk that you can. I didn't, because I thought I was strong enough to deal with it myself. Sadly 5 years on and I'm just starting to deal with it properly.

lissietothosefireworks Thu 01-Nov-07 21:56:30

i have to go to bed, but if you dont get my CAT my email is lissie _ 78 at yahoo dot co . uk

MomOnTheRun Fri 02-Nov-07 00:52:23

I'm sorry about your ectopic pg. I've been through it and also had my right tube removed. I was very numb at the time and it didn't really sink in. I felt very depressed at the thought of something so natural could turn into a disaster. Might sound strange but I felt less womanly. I was too scared to try for another baby in case it was ectopic for 2 years. But I went on to have a beautiful baby boy after seeking treatment from a chinese doctor. He's 4.5 now so you can still have children with one tube.

If you need to talk email me on I can honestly say that I've been through a lot and I am still coping. Big (((HUGS))) and take care.

happytobemam Mon 05-Nov-07 13:07:51

Hi Pepperpots,

I'm very sorry for your loss and what you're going through. I know how difficult it is for you and how as well as grieving your loss, this will leave you with lots of questions. I had 2 ectopics and lost a tube by laproscopic surgery and I also went on to have 2 miscarriages. I thought I would never be able to move forward.

However, if this gives you any hope, I went on to have a daughter (who is now one) and I'm pregnant again.

The ectopic pregnancy trust have a great website with lovely moderators who should be able to help you. You can also call them if you want to speak to someone.

Wishish you well.


golds Mon 05-Nov-07 16:33:01

such awful news, I had a ectopic over 2 years ago now, and it took me a long time to get over it, infact I'm still not. I think alot about what I would have missed with my 2 kids, if i'd have died, I too came very close.

Take it easy, don't rush things ad talk about how you feel, if not in real life to us on here. I am still wondering whether to try again, although different for me as I have 2 already. I second the suggestion about the ectopic trust, they gave lots of support to me.

Take care x

MaryAnnSinglebang Mon 05-Nov-07 16:38:38

pepperpots [sad} so sorry to hear this - had been wondering how you were getting on

MaryAnnSinglebang Mon 05-Nov-07 16:38:55

I meant sad

Carmenere Mon 05-Nov-07 16:40:55

Oh I am so, so sorry for your losssad

DANCESwithHughJackman Mon 05-Nov-07 16:41:31

OH I'm so sorry to hear this too pepperpots. I'm glad though there are some people on here who can share what they have learnt with you. Please take time to grieve and heal yourself. x

Flightthebluetouchpaper Mon 05-Nov-07 16:57:49

Poor poor thing, take it easy on yourself PP. We are all here for you xx

jess1996 Thu 08-Nov-07 08:27:44

Sorry to read this pepperpots sad. I had a laparotomy for a suspected ep and ruptured ovarian cysts back in August. In my case I had rising hcg levels, but they couldn't find the pregnancy in the womb or tubes. So they just called it a pregnancy of unknown location. I didn't lose a tube and the hcg started falling after the op. So I still have no idea what really happened. I hope you're feeling better soon.

kindersurprise Thu 08-Nov-07 08:37:22

So sorry to read this pepperpots, and the other MNetters who have gone through a ep.

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