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My son is dying

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blindspots Thu 21-Jan-21 17:53:45

This is fucking cancer. He is 2. We are only 3 months from diagnosis and we are out of active treatment options.

I hate cancer, I hate the pandemic disrupting our world and keeping us from people we love.

He has been so tough she and strong and there is nothing more they can do, the cancer just keeps coming back.

I would give everything to keep him

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WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Thu 21-Jan-21 17:54:59

I'm so sorry OP. Cancer is fucking cruel.

bearlyactive Thu 21-Jan-21 17:56:11

I'm so sorry OP flowers

TheSpottedZebra Thu 21-Jan-21 17:56:28

I'm so very sorry, blindspots. That is truly awful.

Phyllis321 Thu 21-Jan-21 17:56:32

Oh my love, I’m so very sorry. flowers

HUCKMUCK Thu 21-Jan-21 17:56:41

I’m so sorry. What a shitty disease.

Sprig1 Thu 21-Jan-21 17:57:00

That's so sad for you. I can't imagine how you must feel. Take care and hope that the time you have left with him leaves you with some happy memories.

HollowTalk Thu 21-Jan-21 17:57:05

Oh that is the worst thing. I'm so sorry. flowers

minipie Thu 21-Jan-21 17:57:37

Oh god, I’m so sorry OP. I cannot imagine.

Hairydilemma Thu 21-Jan-21 17:58:40

I’m so sorry - I don’t know what else to say.

dizzycatdance2 Thu 21-Jan-21 17:58:45

Oh I am so, so sorry, I can't even imagine how hard this is,

bookworm14 Thu 21-Jan-21 17:59:14

I’m so sorry - my heart is breaking for you. flowers

AtLeastPretendToCare Thu 21-Jan-21 17:59:40

I’m so very sorry. What a horrific situation for you all.

firstimemamma Thu 21-Jan-21 18:00:03

I'm so sorry op, I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through thanks

StrugglingICUnurse Thu 21-Jan-21 18:00:51

How terrible. I'm so sorry.

babycakes1010 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:01:16

I'm so sorry..sending you love xx

blindspots Thu 21-Jan-21 18:01:21

He is my world, my youngest child.

Only just no longer a baby, even though he spent his birthday and Christmas in hospital

I don't know what we will do

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StuffYouAllInTheCrust Thu 21-Jan-21 18:01:36

So sorry. How absolutely devastating flowers

MagpieSong Thu 21-Jan-21 18:02:33

I'm so sorry, blindspots, there are just no words that are enough for that. Absolutely heartbreaking for you xxx

UsernameFail Thu 21-Jan-21 18:03:15

I am so so sorry

blindspots Thu 21-Jan-21 18:03:20

It is literally only 12 months since I stopped breastfeeding him, and since he took his first steps unaided.

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loumoo Thu 21-Jan-21 18:03:31

I’m so so sorry. Cancer I’m

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Thu 21-Jan-21 18:04:10

Oh no, I'm so sorry thanks

Blackdog19 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:04:37

I’m so so sorry OP. Cancer is an evil disease.

sittingonacornflake Thu 21-Jan-21 18:04:48

Oh OP I am so incredibly sorry to hear this.

Cancer. Fucking. Sucks.

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