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molar pregnancy

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cecillia Mon 25-Oct-04 23:09:07

After having a D&C, I have just found out that i had a molar pregnancy. They are now going to check my hormone levels for 6 months and I will not be able to try again for 6 months or one year. Is there anybody out there who had a similar pregnancy in the past. Having had an ectopic last year and a molar pregnancy now, I find it hard to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Doctors continue to say that its the 'nature's way' and that it is just 'bad luck'.

yoyo Mon 25-Oct-04 23:34:59

I hate to admit that I have no idea what a molar pregnancy is but just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and hope that the next 6 months will pass very quickly for you. "Bad luck" must be of no comfort to you at all - I hope that at least some of the medical profession you've had contact with have been more sympathetic.

zippy539 Tue 26-Oct-04 00:14:49


i don't have any good advice but know that someone else will. Just wanted to say I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Why did they say you couldn't try again for 6 mnths/ a year - sorry if I am being ignorant.

prettycandles Tue 26-Oct-04 13:40:18

I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about molar pregnancy, other than that I knew someone who had a healthy pregnancy and a lovely baby after having had a molar pregnancy.

So bumping for the daytime Mumsnetters.

magkel Thu 25-Nov-04 23:47:48

Hi Cecillia, i had an incomplete molar pregnancy in '87, the following year I had miscarraige. but i have since had 2 healthy sons so please do not give up hope. When I had my molar preg. I had to do research on it myself as even my GP was not sure about it.
I think basicaly if you became pregnant and the mole had not totally cleared up then the baby would not be able to survive as I read about twins where one was molar but both had to be removed via D&C. Do not give up hope as it took almost 6 months for my hormone level to drop to normal.

Ghosty Fri 26-Nov-04 05:29:34

Cecillia ...
I am sorry for your losses and am sending hugs. I have positive story for you ... I know someone who had a molar pregnancy then lost a fallopian tube from an ectopic pregnancy and a year later got pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby boy ...

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 08:44:57

Cecilia, I have no useful advice for you but just want to send my love and sympathy - what a horrible thing to go through - I really hope your bravery and strength get rewarded with some good luck soon.

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 14:55:16

bump - anyone else out there with experience of molar pregnancy and some advice for cecilia?

smellymelly Fri 26-Nov-04 15:37:38

No advice on molar pregnancy, but I had an ectopic exactly 1 year ago, and I lost a tube. We were told that my fertility had been 'dramatically reduced'.

But after 2 months of trying again I am now currently 34.5 weeks pregnant with twins, and looking forward to them arriving...

Don't give up. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 16:11:34

smellymelly - so glad things worked out for you. I had heard that after ectopic, your undamaged ovary can often compensate for the other one by taking over ovulation duties. Do you know if this is true?

hester Fri 26-Nov-04 16:14:01

smellymelly - so glad things worked out for you. I had heard that after ectopic, your undamaged ovary can often compensate for the other one by taking over ovulation duties. Do you know if this is true?

smellymelly Fri 26-Nov-04 16:24:04

Thanks Hester - I was told by a consultant that it is possible for the ovary on the affected side to still ovulate and for it to travel sideways to the other tube... But I wouldn't know if this was the case. I think something must have over compensated!

All I know is that although I'm not religious, I do think that having twins now is a bit of a miracle!!

frogs Fri 26-Nov-04 16:25:12

cecillia -- I had a molar pregnancy between dd1 and my 2nd child. Like you, I was absolutely devastated, even though I already had a baby, and was convinced I would never conceive again. In my case it wasn't diagnosed till I was 15 weeks pregnant, and we'd told lots of people I was having a baby. in some ways this made it worse, as we had to tell them, actually, we weren't now having a baby, but in other ways it helped, as lots of people came out with their own stories of pregnancy disasters -- there's an awful lot of it out there, I discovered, but generally not talked about.

The follow-up is a nuisance, but no more than that -- it involves sending off little test-tubes of wee in the post, and having the occasional blood test. My hormone levels took longer than usual to go back to normal, so I was followed up for a longer period. The people at the follow-up centres (Charing cross hospital for south of england, sheffield for north, Dundee for Scotland) are great, and will explain things endlessly over the phone if necessary.

In fact I got pregnant before the end of my follow-up time (NOT recommended, but it is v. hard to use contraception effectively when you're desperate for a baby) and he was fine, as was my dd2 who was born a year ago. I've had no related health problems since, and no problems with either subsequent pregnancy. You should be offered an early scan (6-7 weeks) in subsequent pregnancies, to make sure all is as it should be.

I do understand how you feel at the moment, but the chances are very high that it is a one-off, and that you will go on to have a normal pregnancy.

hth -- do feel free to CAT me if you want more info.

frogs Fri 26-Nov-04 22:25:20

cecillia -- just bumping this for you in case you feel no-one has noticed it!

Have you seen this leaflet from the Miscarriage association?

Hope you're feeling better -- if you'd like me to CAT you with my email address or phone no, post here and let me know.

Take care

Barbaloot Sat 27-Nov-04 15:14:34

Cecillia, Don't loose heart - I know that's easier said than done. I can really sympathise with your annoyance over the doctors 'bad luck' message: it seems like the rottenest of luck. I felt that way too after a stillbirth and then an ectopic and also rather gave up on the idea that I would ever be able to have children (I have 2 now). I think there is an excellent chance that you too will be able to go on to have sucessful pregnancies in the future, although the waiting, though important, will be very fustrating.

dawnybabs26 Wed 22-Dec-04 10:10:43

Please help, I feel so alone.

This was my first time being pregnant and on November 15th, when I was approx 12 weeks I had my first scan, only to be told that I had suffered a missed miscarriage.
There was no heartbeat and the baby had only progressed to 8 weeks.

Having had no indication what-so-ever, has made it extremely hard to take in (not even the slightest bit of spotting).
Two days later I went into hospital to have a medically assisted miscarriage.

It happened a week before my fiance's birthday, and with it being so close to Christmas, this gave me something to concentrate on and to take my mind off it.
(That first week I coped really well, I just went into autopilot!).

But last Saturday I got a letter from the hospital saying the test results show that I had a molar pregnancy, and today is my appointment at the hospital.

During the week when I had the miscarriage, my fiance and my mum were really supportive, but they can't seem to understand why I'm so upset to discover I had a molar pregnancy (its just brought it all back to the surface, just as I was putting the whole experience behind me).

I just feel so hurt, scared and alone.
I have lots of female relatives and friends, but none of them have ever had a miscarriage, and to discover that I am that 1 in 1200, has made me feel even more isolated.

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