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Peanutsmummy Tue 23-Oct-07 21:44:22

Hiya all,

I don't come here very often but I just wanted to pop by to share something. I'm sure a lot of you were aware last week was Babyloss Awareness Week. Well last Sunday in Belfast there was a balloon release to mark this. We released 500 balloons at belfast castle, I want to say thanks to Helen, Gemma, Emma, Michelle, Sonia, Nicola & Davina for all the hard work. And to all the lovely men for blowing up all the balloons! I am sure ALL our angels had a lovely time playing with the balloons.

Anyway here is a link to a video of the balloons being released!

To see the video of the balloon release click here

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POTC Tue 23-Oct-07 21:59:23

that's lovely smile

JaamityvilleHorror Wed 24-Oct-07 23:37:46

What a lovely way to remember your los. smile

hazygirl Thu 25-Oct-07 07:42:49

a lovely way to remember,hope all our angels recieved them and know they are never forgottenx

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