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poem to my baby

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Dyzzidi Wed 20-Oct-04 22:01:31

Just a few lines of what i have been feeling feel a bit stupid as poetry just is not me but hey felt better after writing feeling down so i suppose it is just whatever works.

I had imagined our life together joyful and carefree,
A luxury known only to a hopeful mum to be,
A loving and yearning deep within my heart,
But before birth god chose for you to depart,
Within my heart there is despair and yet,
My love for you I wish never to forget,
And so I sit, wonder and dream,
Of you my child and what might have been.

pixiefish Wed 20-Oct-04 22:02:29

what a beautiful poem and

Skate Wed 20-Oct-04 22:03:18

Crying now.

It's lovely Dyzzidi. My heart goes out to you.


emmatmg Wed 20-Oct-04 22:04:47

Lovely poem Dyzzidi.

bonniej Wed 20-Oct-04 22:04:54

You've made me cry too. Thinking of you xxx

blossomhill Wed 20-Oct-04 22:05:26

My heart too goes out to you Dyzzidixxx

acer Wed 20-Oct-04 22:05:40

Lovely. Thinking of you xxx

JanH Wed 20-Oct-04 22:05:53

Don't feel stupid, Dyzzidi, it's a lovely poem and it comes from your heart. You will always feel that love.

What happened to your baby? Sorry if you've posted your story before.

Yorkiegirl Wed 20-Oct-04 22:06:46

Message withdrawn

Cadbury Wed 20-Oct-04 22:07:09


Dyzzidi Wed 20-Oct-04 22:09:11

Been trying for years am on the waiting list for IVF and got pregnant at 11 weeks had a missed miscarriage when DH was in the states for work. we so wanted a baby and just feel cheated. Going to try again soon but am not hopeful as hospital said not to bother last time and were even less hopeful this time. Also found I have a bicornuate uterus so am at higher risk of miscarriage and am not sure if this will affect IVF

acer Wed 20-Oct-04 22:11:43

Oh Dyzzidi, I admire your courage and i hope that you never give up.

Skate Wed 20-Oct-04 22:12:12

Dyzzidi - I'm so sorry for you. Please don't give up - I think there are some women on here that have a bicornuate uterus too so maybe they'll have some words of wisdom.

Cadbury Wed 20-Oct-04 22:12:50

My friend was in exactly the same situation as you Dyzzidi. I really feel for you.

Dyzzidi Wed 20-Oct-04 22:14:48

Don't think I will ever give up is is just so hard. Feel drained at the thought of more doctors possibly more surgery and the IVF as well but it will be worth it one day.

Trying to keep cheerful but it is difficult when DH is working in France at the moment and when its quiet you get more time to think.

Skate Wed 20-Oct-04 22:18:10

Dyzzidi - I can't imagine what you are going through but you've just got to keep positive. It must be so hard with dh away but we are all here for you - there must be lots of women on here going through similar situations that can give you support.

Just never give up.

Dyzzidi Wed 20-Oct-04 22:20:17

Thanks it helps being able to talk to people who are not family and say what i feel without upsetting anyone

Kayleigh Wed 20-Oct-04 22:26:42

That is such a wonderful moving poem.

Hulababy Wed 20-Oct-04 22:29:24

Oh (((hugs))) Dyzzidi. Your poem is lovely

JudgeFlounce Fri 07-Jan-05 08:48:00

Message deleted

hester Fri 07-Jan-05 08:53:43

Dyzzidi, your poem brought tears to my eyes. You are in my thoughts.

Hulababy Fri 07-Jan-05 09:18:50

So sorry about your loss Dyzzidi. Thinking of you (((hugs)))

triplets Tue 01-Feb-05 23:37:59

Just read your message and want to send you a huge hug, and lots of courage to go on, you must if in your heart its what you want. My story as most of you know is different, but I feel your pain as I lost my child when he was 14. Had three ivf attempts and had triplets, 2 boys and a girl at 46 using donated eggs..........I just had to keep trying, my life was so empty. I too wrote alot of poems after Matthew died, one of the first was just a few lines that really just came into my head, it was around the time that we were ordering a headstone, even now I can`t bring myself to think of it as HIS headstone, it hurts so much. Anyway this was my poem which has gone onto the headstone

Our baby grew, our son has flown
Away from us, our lives, his home
Fly high my child,fly high
But know our love, will never die

Another little one was

Round and round and round my head
Endless thoughts of you
Round and round and round my head
Things we used to do
Round and round and round my head
Forever asking WHY?
Round and round and round my head
Until I start to cry.

God Bless xxxxxxxxx

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