Please help i dont no what to do :( ERPC and how to deal with it

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BabyEllsBells Fri 05-Oct-07 12:55:57

Hi, i am 22 and have just recently found out i had lost my baby. it was a total shock when i found out i was preg 28 sep by then i was about 8 weeks. i was so happy as i thought myself i couldnt have kids being a biggish girl so was over the moon! telling my mum and dad was the hardest as i was there little girl having a baby but still i did tell them and they were ok with it. Inside myself i could tell it wasnt right as i had pains on my right side like middle of the mth pains i call it so went to a&e to be on safe side. i had an internal examination and everything seemed to be fine this was now 1st oct. the dr booked me in for a u/s on 3/10 and was told then that there was no heartbeat. the baby had stopped growing @ 6weeks and 4 days. i just bursed out crying i didnt no what to do. i was then taken into a room to speak to the dr who told me the next step. i didnt really pay any att to him cos all i could see was my scan on his desk of our little baby. my bf made the decision for me to have an ERPC which i had the next day. it all went fine and am now starting to come to terms with the whole thing. My bf was my rock even tho he was so upset. he wants to try again and so do i but i am so scared it will happen again. has anyone else been through this and had healthy babies after this? pls help im just in such a state.

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Noodledoo Fri 05-Oct-07 14:32:31

So so sorry that you had to go through such a horrible time. My sister in law lost their first son at 39 weeks and now have a beautiful one year old dd so there is every chance you will go on to have healthy pregnancys. I know they went through many dark times in the first months after their loss but it did get easier with time.

spugs Fri 05-Oct-07 14:36:24

sorry to hear about your loss, theres lots of women on here who have lost babies, unfortunatly its very common. i lost one at 6 and a half weeks in may but didnt have an ERPC. i fell pregnant after my first af and im now nearly 16 weeks. the majorrity of woman do go on to have perfectly normal pregnancys after a mc. you just need to make sure your ready physically and emotionally to try agan x

lucykate Fri 05-Oct-07 14:43:02

so sorry to read this, i had 2 m/c's in 2004, the first at 11 weeks and had a erpc, the second was 3 months later and happened naturally at 7 weeks. you need to give yourself time to grieve and time to heal. the first few weeks after are the worst but it does get easier.

i already had a dd when it happened to me, and exactly a year after the second m/c gave birth to ds, who is now 2.5. when i was pg with him, yes, i spent every day trying not to worry, its hard but it is 'do'able.

BabyEllsBells Fri 05-Oct-07 15:16:18

thankyou all i am ok and have found it so much better to talk about it. i put it down to there must of been something wrong and it was just natures way of telling me. i will try again in 3-6 mths but this time i will not smoke drink ect. i dont no if it was because i found out at 2 mths gone and i was still drinking and smoking as i didnt no. im still taking folic acid as this is supposed to help?
but thankyou all so much for all your msgs its really helping me grieve

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BabyEllsBells Tue 15-Jan-08 22:17:44

great news i found out on new years eve im preg again!! im 7 weeks and doing fine

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