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friend with no kids devastated by 3 mc's - any good support organizations out there?

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cheritongirl Tue 02-Oct-07 11:53:52

sorry if there is already a post about this, but i have a friend who has had 3 mc's and is so sad about it but feels that no one knows what to say to her and she feels embarrassed. I am sure there are support group/orgs out there she could talk to (i live a long way from her so its not so easy to talk to me), can you suggest any?
thanks ladies!

berolina Tue 02-Oct-07 12:08:44

The Miscarriage Association would be the place to start.


for your friend. I have had 3 mcs too but also have two children - only one mc was before ds1. Can only imagine what it is like for her.

You could also recommend Lesley Regan's book on miscarriage to her. 'Medical' but sensitive.

StrangeTown Tue 02-Oct-07 12:38:16

Hello - Miscarriage Association advice is good, but can I also suggest that she tries logging on here? Lots of us have been through similar experiences and would be able to chat to her about how she is dealing with things, physically and emotionally. I found it very helpful duing both my miscarriages to get real advice and perspective from other women. My RL friends, I found very difficult to talk to, but got a lot of support from these threads.
PS Am currently 32 weeks pregnant.

karney Tue 02-Oct-07 14:08:49

Hi, i,ve also had 3 mc's and have no kids. Its been an extremely painful and difficult year but I,ve had the support of a M/c counseller, I,m in Scotland so I go to SCIM. Chatting to other people on this site has been great support also. Other woman who have expericened mc really know what your going though and share your hopes and fears. Somehow, got a bit more hope for the future now and that feels like along way off from how I felt in those early days of grief. love and best wishes to you both

cheritongirl Tue 02-Oct-07 19:41:27

thanks so much ladies and all the best to all of you x

MaryBS Wed 03-Oct-07 07:56:39

There's SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death society). My friend used to work for them and they're very good:

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