my sister hemorrhaged after her miscariage

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mummyfirst29 Fri 28-Sep-07 21:11:50

my sister hemorraged after her miscariage 5 weeks ago she is very low on iron and now very poorly she is also rhesus neg and her other children were all rhesus pos but she was'nt given an anti d enjection after the miscariage should she have been given one

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Uki Sat 29-Sep-07 13:52:30

Hi Mummyfirst
didn't want to leave your post unanswered, sorry for your sister.
I'm not too sure about rhesus neg, but think you do need anti d if blood type 0-

She probably does need some iron tablets or even injection. Does she have follow up with dr, i think she should after hemorrhage.

lulumama Sat 29-Sep-07 13:54:41

i think anti d has to be given when the pregnancy continues,not in these circumstances, but i might be wrong, certainly worth her mentioning it. has she been prescribed any iron supplements? she can take spatone , with orange juice, avoiding tea and coffee as that interferes with iron absorption.. apricots, dark green leafy veg & dark chocolate also good iron boosters. and she must rest and take care of herself.

lulumama Sat 29-Sep-07 13:57:45

this suggests she might need anti d

so, i was not correct, it would seem. this link would suggest anti d should be given.

she should get advice on this from her GP or MW or someone qualified, ASAP

pania Sat 29-Sep-07 14:19:57

I am RH- and have been told by my doctor (actually by multiple doctors) that anytime there is any bleeding during a pregnancy (or if there is a miscarriage) I have to have the anti D injection.

spugs Sat 29-Sep-07 19:17:57

im rh neg and after my mc i was told that you only need the injection if your 12 weeks pregnant or more. hope that helps.

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