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Mum passed away in July , first time I have listened to this song since the funeral , first time I have wanted to.

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CaptainUnderpants Wed 19-Sep-07 22:12:17

This is a beautiful song and no doubt has been played many times at funerals.

Listen to it and kiss your children goodnight .

Feeling a bit low tonight , sorry sad


moondog Wed 19-Sep-07 22:13:18


VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 19-Sep-07 22:15:48

Oh sweet sad

6 years on, my mum still struggles when she hears a certain Engelbert Humperdink song. She cant walk down the street she used to live on without freezing.


catrin Thu 20-Sep-07 15:26:16

Know how you are feeling - my lovely mum died 11 weeks ago. I miss her so very much xx

lulabelle Mon 24-Sep-07 15:06:14

What a beautiful song, it made me cry, I'm so sorry for you, x

geekgirl Mon 24-Sep-07 18:26:51

beautiful song

my mum is dying and I usually just 'hold it together' at the moment, this made me cry

jhyesmum Tue 02-Oct-07 08:43:45

Hi, I hope you don't mind me butting in and i know the last post was a while back.

My wonderful mum passed away in May and we had the same song at her funeral.

It says everything. It's perfect isn't it?

Geekgirl - i really feel for you. There's nothing wrong with breaking sometimes. xxx

heifer Tue 02-Oct-07 09:08:01

thank you for posting such a lovely song, I have never heard it before.

My mum passed away almost 2 years ago and I miss her soo much.

I was just sat here crying listening to the song when my DD (3.9) came up to me and put her arms around me and asked what was wrong..

I told her I was listening to a sad song, and she asked if it was about her nana..

heifer Tue 02-Oct-07 09:09:49

so she gives me a really nice cuddle, says she really misses her nana, then says we all have to die sometimes and jumps down and runs off to play again.. if only I could turned my emotions off like that!

jhyesmum Tue 02-Oct-07 09:45:19

Bless her heart. My DS (7), was so close to my mum. They had such a special bond. He misses her so much too.

We also had the song Goodbye's (the hardest word) by Celine Dion. It's on You Tube, but I don't know how to paste it on here.


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