there is no reason for my mc's where do I go frm here?

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karney Tue 11-Sep-07 13:15:35

I,ve had 3 m/c in a row.(no kids) This morning, after waiting for 2 mnths I got all my test results back - they're clear. I,m happy i,ve nothing wrong wth me but I feel I have nothing to fix if that makes any sense. I,m 38, the doc kinda implied it could be an age thing or then again just bad luck.She was nice and suggested I wait for a month or 2 til I try again. They,ve offered me a place on a spin trial programme. This means it,s just pot luck whether they give me the asparin/herapin. therapy or not. Any suggestions or experiences most welcome.

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kindersurprise Tue 11-Sep-07 14:01:51

Sorry that I can't be of much help, but I didn't want you to go unanswered. I had 2 m/c then went on to have 2 DCs, no idea why I m/c first.

I am sure that someone with more experience will be able to answer your questions. Good luck.

karma Sun 16-Sep-07 12:50:03

Really sorry to hear about your experiences karney. I've had two children and have gone on to have 3 m/c this year. I'm also 38. Have been referred for tests but I think it probably is an age thing and just bad luck. Try not to give up hope, it may still happen. There are lots of tales on here of people having children after several m/c. Maybe going on the trial may involve closer follow-up and support which may help. Good luck.

cornsilk Sun 16-Sep-07 12:55:02

Sorry to hear your news Karney. Wishing you better luck for the future.

Jossiejump Sun 16-Sep-07 22:50:20

My consultant believes that even without an identified problem, that Clexane (heparin) gives you a better success rate, is there any way you can push for this?

BBBee Sun 16-Sep-07 22:52:36

sorry - best wishes/.

spottyshoes Sun 16-Sep-07 23:29:25

I had 3 m/c's all at the same point before having my ds. none were explained. My friend had a total of 11 mc's - 3 of which were whilst on a trial so I would suggest you avoid the extra heartache. Your GP can do your bloods to determine whether you need asprin/heperin. If you're ttc I wouldnt advise you take any unecessary meds. Most Dr's would say wait a month or 2 so that you can have a period but this is purely to hlp them date you. once you have the all clear you can start as soon as you like. With all but the 1st pgncy (which was a few yrs ago) I fell back to back and had a healthy baby.
Big (((hgs))) and lots of baby dust. xx

Rose50 Tue 18-Sep-07 22:04:40

I had 3 mc in 2005, had all the tests which came back as "normal". I felt that I wanted to do something positive so I started seeing an acupuncturist. I had read many articles about acupuncture helping women going through IVF, or who could not conceive, but not read much about acupuncture and recurrent mc. I started seeing my acupuncturist weekly in May 2006. In September 2006 we decided to try again and after a very nervous pregnancy when I was convinced something would go wrong, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in May this year. I was 33 when I got pg, 34 when I gave birth.

I would really recommend acupuncture or maybe reflexology as I believe this can also help with recurrent mc. Before my mcs I was completely sceptical about complementary medicine, but my acupuncturist has had so much success helping many women to get and stay pregnant that there must be something in it!

orangehead Tue 18-Sep-07 22:21:09

I have also had 3 mcs in a row and all my tests came back fine, like u i felt i needed a answer to fix it. Then I friend told me about taking aspirin and how the test they do to see if u need it isnt always accurate so at my next appt i asked my consultant who confirmed that the test is not always accurate and said that if I wanted I could take 75mg aspirin daily as it would do no harm. So I took it for my next two preg and I have 2 gorgeous liitle boys. Obviously I cant say for sure if it was the aspirin or cocindence but I will definetly take it again the next time I'm preg. Maybe u should ask yr doc about taking it. Good luck and I am so sorry u are going through this

karney Thu 20-Sep-07 09:43:11

Thanks everyone, your comments really help. I,m confused at the moment and think I,ll probably wait another mnth or two before trying again. Don,t think I can handle any more pain and disappointment at the moment. My Dad died last month. I,m ok just feel a bit overwhelmed by everything just now. I would like to try The aspirin/herapin therapy next time, I,ll have another chat with my doc about it all when I feel a bit stronger. Best wishes ladies. x

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smilesattheweekend Thu 27-Sep-07 16:38:55

Hi. Orangehead, I have had 3 mc and have one son (I had prob with the pg with my son as I bled alot), I have been for appt at MC clinic and they said tests were normal. I have read a lot and think I have the sticky blood syndrome becuase I fit alot of the criteria and only get migranes when pg. The consultant just brushed this off and I feel a bit mad for not sticking up for myself a bit more. I decided to take baby aspirin and I hope it works. The consultant did increase my dose of folic acid to 5mg per day - it is a pain as I have to get a prescription each month and they only do it at the hospital - anyway sorry for the rant, just saw your message about aspirin.


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