slight bleeding, any advice welcome..........

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iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 18:16:59

im 9+5 and woke yesterday morning to bleeding, im unsure wether it was red or not as my room was dark. I went to the toilet and another little bit came out but then it stopped. I woke again this morning to a tiny patch in my pants (sorry blush) about the size of a 5 pence piece with what i can only describe as a water mark around it. I have been having a kind of really really light brown discharge most of the day but it has now stopped again.

ive had no pain and have passed no clots but have had alot of wind!!!

I had a scan last friday and it was fine although they found a collapsed sac alongside the little one with the heartbeat and i have another one booked for monday afternoon.

can anyone please give me their experiences of bleeding whilst pregnant, i wont take anything you tell me to heart as in my mind now ive lost the little one thanks for reading

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3sEnough Sat 01-Sep-07 18:21:28

Oh love - I'm so sorry but don't give up hope just yet. I've had bleeding twice and two miscarriages - one was linked, the other one not. The miscarriage one was 'tissue' and then brown blood, the non-miscarriage one was bright red but watery blood - ds now 7. Go for your scan and cross your fingers!

dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 18:24:57

My SIL bled really heavily with her dd at about 9 weeks. The doctors told her it was very unlikely that her baby would survive but she did and went fullterm and had a healthy baby girl.

I bled slightly with my first preganacy at 11 weeks and had a miscarriage.

Good luck on Monday - I really hope its good news.

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 18:26:07

i will but i dont want to hold out much hope on the risk i will have a very big fall

I've had 3 no problem pregnancies in the past 7 years so maybe i just got a bit to cocky with it im sorry to hear about your loss also and so glad for you about your non miscarriage, i bet you were so scared and relieved x

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iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 18:28:17

arent bodies cruel things! again sorry for your loss dustystar!

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dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 18:29:47

Thankyousmile It was 10 years ago this March but i do still think about it occasionally.

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 18:30:36

i forgot to mention i still feel pregnant, i can still feel the ball type thing which i presume is the womb? i still woke up feeling sick and i still have really tender boobs, but i suppose if it hasnt come out yet then i will still have the hcg hormones etc sorry to ramble on monday seems like a year away!!!!

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dustystar Sat 01-Sep-07 18:32:25

If you do a search you will see that lots of people have bled in the first trimester and gone on to have healthy fullterm babies so try not to give up all hope.

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 18:35:01

im hope it was......(tmi and im really sorry!!!) started after me and dp had sex and if he went in too ermmmm deep blush i had to pull away as it hurt at the very top, well not hurt exactly i just felt a lot of pressure there, a few people have suggested cervical erosion? but i doubt i would still bleed for 2 days? Im very new to this and i dont want to research as i will wind myself up hmm im a born worrier grin

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MonkeyandBabyBoo Sat 01-Sep-07 18:46:09

I just want to say that I bled for 7 weeks during pregnancy with my DS, from 7 weeks to 14 weeks - he is now a healthy 3.7 year old! It can be quite common to bleed in the first trimester as dustystar has said.

I have my fingers crossed for you. smile

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 19:02:31


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iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 20:30:59


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BettySpaghetti Sat 01-Sep-07 20:48:19

I had cervical erosion when pregnant with DS -it came and went throughout my pregnancy.

The GP explained it as being due to changes in your cervix caused by pregnancy -it can cause bleeding after sex (such as in your case possibly?) or, as in my case, just at totally random times.

I hope all is OK when you have your scan Monday. Its awful having to wait isn't it?

Lcy Sat 01-Sep-07 20:56:00

Hi iliketosleep

Im sorry you have had some bleeding - and that you have to wait till Monday to find out what is going on. You must be very worried. I dont have any useful advice but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Lcy xx

sweetkitty Sat 01-Sep-07 21:01:03

hi iliketosleep

I had a huge bleed with DD1 bright red blood at 9 weeks then a bot of brown blood at 10 she was fine

With the mc I've just had, I had a little brown blood for 2 days and that made me go for a scan where they found baby was 6 weeks should have been 8, had a little more brown blood in the week before mc was diagnosed then the actual mc.

So IME theres no hard and fast rule on things, keep up hope loads of people have bleeding especially early on.

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 21:01:47

thankyou, its terrible it really is, not knowing what to expect i hope it is cervical erosion or the collapsed sac coming away but if im honest i doubt it is, thanks for your messages xx

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chankins Sat 01-Sep-07 21:02:02

Really hope its good news for you on monday - I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks and it was pretty continuous red blood and lots of pain quite suddenly - That was first pregnancy and have since had 3 kids no probs - last one I had slight bleed at 13 weeks, kind of clot - no pain, all was obviously fine. Also know 2 friends both had severe bleeding one before 12 weeks and one after and both went full term with healthy babies. So don't give up hope yet - its agony waiting over the weekend for a scan tho - good luck

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 21:03:12

hi sweetkitty that sounds terrible and im sorry for your recent loss were you on the march 2008 thread? your name sounds familiar hmm hope you are ok

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iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 21:04:25

well i must say im feeling kind of hopeful now i have had no pain and no clots just a little bit of blood!

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Marne Sat 01-Sep-07 21:09:55

Hi, i have had bleeding with both dd's (now 3 and 1) this was put down to a cervical errosion (sp) i bled at least once a week threw out 40 weeks with dd2 but all was fine.

KD73 Sat 01-Sep-07 21:11:01


Sorry to hear your bleeding, unfortunately I m/c in Aug (red blood accompanied with pain).

To cut a long story short, there are limited hospital facilites available and it is unlikely you can get a scan until monday. But if you are worried go to the hospital unannounced. I pitched up at the maternity hospital on both a Saturday and Sunday and received great care on both occasions.

Good luck and i hope things settle down.

iliketosleep Sat 01-Sep-07 21:16:30

hi there, i have a scan booked by my gp for monday afternoon

marne im glad everything worked out ok for you

KD73 im sorry about your miscarriage

im feeling even more hopeful after finding this.....

During pregnancy, the cervix becomes softer and is more prone to bleeding. If the cervix bleeds during intercourse or with a pap smear, it is usually painless; although it may recur, typically, in a few days it turns brown and goes away .

i really shouldnt be getting my hopes up though hmm

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Lcy Mon 03-Sep-07 11:28:14

Good luck today ilike2sleep - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

fryalot Mon 03-Sep-07 11:33:20

I bled a fair bit at around this time with dd2 - doubly frightening as I had just had a mc.... she was fine.

I also know of several friends who have had the same type of bleed, at this sort of time and they have gone on to have fairly uneventful pregnancies, resulting in gorgeous babies.

It wouldn't do any harm to give your local EPU a call and see if they can scan you today, just to put your mind at rest.

Good luck


fryalot Mon 03-Sep-07 11:33:45

ooops, sorry, should have checked the date of this, you have a scan booked today

good luck


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