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TTC after MC Sept.

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ronshar Fri 31-Aug-07 17:26:18

I have started a new thread from the July one. I am not sure if anyone else already has.

ronshar Fri 31-Aug-07 17:27:01

Ps I really want some cake/wine. I am sorry I have missed the meet.
DD much better now, typical.

LittleSquirt Mon 03-Sep-07 17:05:42

Hi Ronshar. I'll join you on this new thread!

If we both wave maybe the others will spot us?

I am now CD2 of 3rd cycle after ERPC (counting ERPC as CD1 of 1st cycle).

I want cake and wine too!!! grin

Jackstini Tue 04-Sep-07 11:35:55

Hi - was looking to see if anyone had started a new one. Might be a bit early as I only had my evac after mmc yesterday but I want to feel some positivity.
Cake and wine sounding very good indeed though!

mcchesers Wed 05-Sep-07 06:03:27

Hey Jacks! That was a nice message on the sweetkitty post. I'm thinking of you as felt pretty crap after the evac which was last Tuesday. It took a week and some time with my family in the land of sunshine and margaritas before I felt mostly back to normal. Now that I'm back in the UK and back to reality..oh yeah cake and wine sounds great.

Lcy Wed 05-Sep-07 08:02:27

Hi Jackstini - how are you doing. If you go back to the message boards and look under Conception - Myself, TJuice, Pipsqueeke, Sweetkitty etc are in the TTC after miscarriage group - please come and join us! You dont have to be ready to TTC but would be good to catch up with how you are.

Lcy x

Lcy Wed 05-Sep-07 08:05:16

Oh and mcchesers - please join us too (I forgot to add your name to the post below-sorry)

iliketosleep Thu 06-Sep-07 17:10:26

do you mind if i join please?

pipsqueeke Thu 06-Sep-07 20:08:13

iits I am so sorry you've had to join us. truely I am.

sorry for the rest of you girls as well who have joined us.

just a quicky for me for a sec, DH is back today so hoping for some pouncing action! lol.

from tomorrow i'll be shagsalot so don't worry if that poster is a bit familar wiht you all as it's only me! (will explain if you really want but rather wouldn't)

cricri Mon 10-Sep-07 17:26:12

Hi everybody,
I'm afraid I'm joining some of you from the March 2008 thread. I hope I've found the right place to post - please tell me if there's another thread that I've missed.
Just had my ultrasound dating scan this afternoon and found out the baby died at 6 weeks. I knew something was wrong when I was told to get ready for an internal scan and that my dates might be wrong. I thought I was 13 weeks today. Still in shock really - how could I not know? Feel sorry for DH too.
We're going back to the hospital tomorrow for them to explain the various options. Reading the booklet they've given me I think an EPRC is the preferred way of dealing with a missed miscarriage so I guess that's what I'll be having.
Hope to join you on the TTC after miscarriage thread soon.

katendmom Mon 10-Sep-07 21:35:36

Cricri, if it is any (even if a tiny bit help) ~ it seems there is a few of us going through the same thing... It is a bit comforting (speaking about myself) to know that I am not alone...

Is this your first mc? (Don't mean to be nosey but if it is - there are great-great chances that it was an accident and your future is very very bright). It is in fact true even if you had other mc's before.

Do you have any dc? I know those of us who do find coping with mc a bit easier. If you don't - please keep thinking that it just has been delayed for you, that’s all...


cricri Tue 11-Sep-07 14:36:11

KatendMom, thanks for your lovely message. Yes, it is a great comfort knowing that I'm not the only one going through this. I've found some of the ladies who were on the ante-natal thread with me on the ttc after m/c threads so I've been able to draw comfort from their experiences.
Unfortunately I don't have any DC yet (this was my first pregnancy) but as you say, it's simply been delayed. I am looking to the future now that the shock is wearing off a bit.
Thanks again. xx

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