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Missed m/c Nov 2006....decisions..decisions

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Netty66 Wed 29-Aug-07 16:20:21

I lost my third child in Nov last year.I had a scan at 21 weeks and she had already died. I gave birth to her and we had the funeral ( which only my step dad came to as the itwas inconvenient for the rest of my family!!).No reasons were found for her death.
I still am angry about why she died, it was something I thought would nver happen to me!!
Well we have been ttc since...10 months and counting. I am now 41 and dont know when is a time to stop. One part of me says yes ...the other says no..... I NEED to have another baby I hate this feeling eating away inside of me!
Sorry to moan ( im new to this site by the way)

RahRah1 Wed 29-Aug-07 16:32:18

Hi Netty. Welcome to Mnet. So sorry to hear about your little girl. I lost my son in Nov 06 as well. He was 24 weeks, born prem and died later. I'm 32, but have been trying ever since, with no luck! I know the feeling only too well and its overwhelming. Why is it so bloody hard!
We are going for IUI treatment to try and help in the next couple of months. Have you undergone any tests? I have had every test under the sun and they can not find anything that would indicate issues with either fertility or carrying a baby. Have not got a clue why this is happening to me. It feels like my inability to conceive multiples my feelings of loss and despair about our baby that should be with us.
Just to say your not alone and I'm sure other mums will be along soon. Moan anytime, you will always get lots of replies. Wish I could of been more helpful, but just wanted you to know I know how you feel

Ishouldbeworking Wed 29-Aug-07 16:33:18

Hi Netty

Moan away - that's what this is for.

I found out in January at 22wks that my baby had died at 16wks. We never found out why though we had all the tests and it seems that most of the time they don't find a reason. I did conceive again about 2 mths ago but it was an ectopic so now I'm a tube down. I'm feeling pretty philosophical about it all at the moment.

I do give some credence to the theory that if you're not ready emotionally then it does make it harder to conceive - and it's proven that stress affects conception.

Having said that it's pretty impossible to not be stressed about it. I think you should try and trick your subconscious into thinking 'I'm not trying anymore' then maybe it will take the pressure off. Good luck.

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