Finding it hard to move on

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MsG Tue 28-Aug-07 19:13:28

I had my mc mid-June and was really pleased when I had my first AF. For some stupid reason, I thought I might get pregnant again straightaway. It didn't occur to me that my cycle might be a bit different! Now I am having period pains and it feels like my body is rubbing it in - reminding me what happened.

I just wondered if it gets to the stage where an AF doesn't serve as a big slap in the face...

I had to go to the toilets at work earlier for a big cry. I thought I had coped well with our loss and didn't expect to be so upset. I know it's not long ago so I know I'm not abnormal.

Any advice?

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spugs Tue 28-Aug-07 19:24:56

no advice as such hun, fingers crossed for the future for you. i know the ttc after mc board is really good, i went on there after i had mine x

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