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Peanutsmummy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:03:20

Hello ladies

I have a little favour to ask of you all. A dear friend of mine has set up a petition and i was hoping some of you could sign it.

As the law stands now all stillborn babies born before 24 weeks gestation do not have any birth rights. They are not even recognized as being stillborn. As a recently bereaved mother to a baby boy born at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation I feel this is very wrong. I feel all babies and their parents should have the right to have their baby's birth recognized by law. So they have the same birth rights as babies born as babies born after 24 weeks gestation.

This is something close to my heart as my son was born at 19+3

So please please please could you try and find the time to sign it. Hopefully, we can make a difference.

Thank you in advance

Love Amanda, Mummy to Lewis born sleeping @ 19+3 xxx

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LelsandZaffy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:04:40


Peanutsmummy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:05:12

Sorry! I shopuld of done it like this

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MrsSlowLearner Thu 16-Aug-07 21:06:18


Will sign
So sorry to hear about your baby boy[sad[
I cannot imagine how you must feel.

Peanutsmummy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:06:35

Oh dear! Please excuse my spelling!

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MrsSlowLearner Thu 16-Aug-07 21:06:42

lol crossed posts.

Peanutsmummy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:07:32

Thank you

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moodymoo Thu 16-Aug-07 21:08:08


walbert Thu 16-Aug-07 21:36:51


Peanutsmummy Fri 17-Aug-07 10:19:22

Thank you all!

Amanda x

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Mumie Fri 17-Aug-07 10:29:34

I'm so sorry to hear abour you son.

I have also signed.

lissie Fri 17-Aug-07 10:32:03

done. i'm so sorry x

RahRah1 Fri 17-Aug-07 20:23:40

Amanda, thanks for the petition. I agree, very much needed. I had a complicated pregnancy with my son and was told he was likely to be born prior to 24 weeks, I was devastated to find out he would we classed as a miscarriage unless I reached over 24 weeks. We made it to 24 weeks and 1 day and went to neo-natal. Because of those couple of days he was issued with a birth and death certificate and classed as a neo-natal death. He was a person and everything to us, every child regardless of gestation should have these rights. Best of luck with the petition. So sorry to hear about Lewis. Xx

misspopov Fri 17-Aug-07 20:35:53

signed - so sorry

misspopov Fri 17-Aug-07 21:40:47


hertsnessex Fri 17-Aug-07 21:57:14



marthamoo Fri 17-Aug-07 22:00:33

Signed - I am so sorry for your loss, Amanda.

cedar12 Sun 19-Aug-07 11:31:00

Signed, sorry for your loss.

torres Tue 21-Aug-07 13:24:28

Signed, really sorry to hear about Lewis xx

amateurarsedoctor Thu 23-Aug-07 22:46:10


Jackstini Thu 23-Aug-07 22:54:22

Signed Amanda, so sorry about your baby Lewis

Peanutsmummy Tue 23-Oct-07 21:47:21

Thank you all for signing smile

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missytrouble Tue 23-Oct-07 22:12:57


So sorry for your loss. xx

missnatalie Wed 24-Oct-07 12:48:05

Signed and so sorry for your loss x

snooks Wed 24-Oct-07 13:16:11

signed, am so sorry xx

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