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M/C followed by EP - any positive stories

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jess1996 Tue 07-Aug-07 17:25:44

I started ttc a year ago and since then I've had one missed m/c in February and now I'm just home from hospital having had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I'm beginning to think that it's not meant to be for me. Has anyone else had their first two pregnancies go horribly wrong, but then gone on to have a successful pregnancy? All the doctors say is that I've been unlucky.

orangecat Tue 07-Aug-07 22:09:50

If you do a search, you'll see that loads of people have gone through problems and have gone onto successful pregnancies. I had 2 x m/cs before DD, one since and am now pg with second baby - due Oct.

It's such a horrible time, but you're totally not alone. Loads of people go through problems - you'd be surprised how many. Please don't give up

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