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Experience of first AF after ERPC?

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LittleSquirt Mon 06-Aug-07 10:29:06

Hi everyone.

I just got my first AF since my ERPC which happened 5 weeks ago today. AF was brown (sorry tmi) and only lasted one day, now already gone back to only spotting. I had the usual AF cramps just before it though, so I think it was an AF. Has anyone else got this kind of AF after an ERPC? Just wondering whether this is a normal AF and I am still likely to OV in a couple of weeks time?

kittywits Mon 06-Aug-07 22:02:18

Hi, sorry about your M/C
Af's after erpcs can take a little while to settle down as the womb can still be clearing things out. I know how you feel about wanting things just to be normal so that you can ovulate and try again but mother nature will take her course. You might well ovulate this month. I would suggest just carrying on as normal, looking after yourself, getting good nutition etc. Fingers crossed

LittleSquirt Tue 07-Aug-07 11:08:21

Thank you Kittywits, I will do that!

dalilaa Wed 08-Aug-07 12:52:39

So sorry about your m/c. I had a stillbirth 4 months ago and i know that is different but i had 4 days brown spotting then 3 weeks later 1 day bleeding so i think its just everything getting back to normal, I don't think i have ovulated yet. I know how you feel about wanting to get back on it. I think as well stress can mess things up a bit.

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