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what should I do now wait naturally or the op? bad news from pip.

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pipsqueeke Tue 31-Jul-07 10:10:12

bad news from me i'm afraid, baby was 9mm big but unfortunatly dies about a week ago now have to decideed if to go naturally or have an op. I was/ baby was about 7/8 weeks - big enough for them to se a heart but they didn't.

which way do I go now? DH says it's up to me but I don't know - have had experince of both. I don't knwo where to turn next

Saturn74 Tue 31-Jul-07 10:21:45

So sorry for your sad news, pipsqueeke.
It is such a tough decision - take some time to think through the options.
Take care of yourself.

pipsqueeke Tue 31-Jul-07 10:38:50

i'm not sure what to think now- have just passes a clear buddle type substance - not sure it's the sac or if it's a show of sorts? was about the size of a 2p (ish) bigger than a 1p. would that be all now- jsut bleeding to come, I don't think i could handle having any more like that

Mumpbump Tue 31-Jul-07 10:43:53

Sorry for your bad news... When I m/c'd the second time at 5 weeks, I passed a clear round thing that looked like a bubble about the size of a 5p piece that I think was the sac. Within another few hours of bleeding, I then passed a small placenta. The whole thing took about 2 days from the start of very light bleeding to the passing of the placenta.

If you can bear it, you might want to wait to see what today brings. With any luck, it might happen naturally and you would avoid the inherent risks of undergoing any type of surgery.

pipsqueeke Tue 31-Jul-07 10:48:36

what's the placenta bit like?

Mumpbump Tue 31-Jul-07 10:57:25

Sorry if tmi, but it's quite meaty, a bit like a piece of liver, I guess. Gory stuff, but if you do pass the placenta, ime, the m/c is complete and you probably won't need need surgery. If you don't pass it, I imagine you would need to get a scan to see what has happened and consider surgery to remove anything that has been retained. HTH and sorry for the graphic descriptions whilst you're going through it all...

pipsqueeke Tue 31-Jul-07 10:58:47

it's ok MB - sorry for your loss as well - i'd rather know then not iycwim. the epu said it sounds like i've 'passed the product' how clinical.

Mumpbump Tue 31-Jul-07 11:06:18

The thing is that they see loads of people so they lose sight of the personal tragedy of your individual situation. I was waiting in A&E to be seen last time when I passed the placenta. I started crying and just wanted to get home to dh and ds. They didn't try to comfort me in anyway, but didn't want me to leave as I hadn't been seen by anyone - presumably they were worried about covering their own backs. If I ever had a m/c again, I don't think I'd even bother going to the hospital.

Anyway, take it easy on yourself and your dh and be prepared for a potentially rough ride emotionally. Make sure you get lots of TLC. It's still a bereavement of sorts and you will have lots of pg hormones buzzing about your body just to make the whole experience that little bit more challenging...

pipsqueeke Thu 02-Aug-07 15:51:50

hi MB -finally i've passed the last I think. (thanks for your description - helped for spotting!) I feel surprisingly ok with all of it now - sort of at peace - but we shall see how things are come 2 weeks when I go back for a scan I am fully expecting to be back to square one again

sweetkitty Thu 02-Aug-07 21:57:06

hi pip I've managed to get on DPs work PC but its dial up so so slow.

anyway I was thinking of you and also have the sad news that I'm having a miscarriage as well. This is my first mc so don't know what to expect. I had a slight brown bleed last Thurs/Fri had a scan yesterday and it showed te baby at 6 weeks but I was 8 weeks. There was no heartbeat and she also said the sac didn't look quite right. I've had a small amount of bleeding but nothing too bad tonight. Where do I go from here? How long does it take for it all to pass? How do I know it's all gone?

Sorry for all the questions but my head is so all over the place

jude007 Thu 02-Aug-07 22:30:52

Hi SK, just to let you know I MC 2wks ago at 11wks. Saw HB at6wks no HB at 10wks stopped around 6-7wks, baby was 5.7mm. Reason 4 so many scans was IVF baby. Waited 4 1wk to c if would pass naturally but didn't went in 4 ERPC no complication apart from loss alot of blood and had to go on a drip. Glad i had ERPC don't think i cud of coped if i passed naturally. Was 1st MC and 3rd IVF treatment, will wait untill after xmas to have 1 more go.
I wud c ur GP 2morrow if not to late I cud recommed ERPC from my personnal experience
Take Care

pipsqueeke Fri 03-Aug-07 08:21:00

oh kitty i'm so sorry for you- have been searching for you furiously over the past few days. for me the brown bleedig started on mondya and turned into red on the afternoon, by th etues am it was a bit lighter but after the scan (I had an internal one as well as I wanted to know either way) the sac came away about an hour after we came home - tbh i'd go thru all the pain in the world instead of going thru that aagin. that truely is the worst part (at least I felt so) bleeding continued passing small clots, bleeding was v heavy at this point, weds I was in quite a bit of discomfort and again yesterday morning - I took some pain killers in the end. yest afternoon the placenta came away the bleeding isn't as heavy now and the pain has pretty much gone again. sorry to be so detailed as I know it's not what you wantto read, but it helped me to know what to look for iycwim.

be good to yourself kitty. rach is also going thru the same thing from our thread and blego just has as well, so between us we can all support each other and move forward. as it was said on a differnt thread to put your head into perspective helps with the rest of it if that makes sence. althou granted that bit is v v hard. (think i'm still running on auto piolet tbh) talk to your DH as he will be feeling it to. my email if you want to talk is anytime.

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 19:46:06

Oh honey, I have only just found out who you are

Sending all the love in the world


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