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Friends brother has been killed in service :(

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Pabamella Thu 26-Jul-07 17:07:57

My gran just rang to tell me that a close friend of both my sisters boyfriends has lost his brother fighting in Iran.

He was shot 3 times.

I never met him myself but met his brother many times and its heartwrenching to think what he is suffering now, the loss of a brother must be devestating.

My sister said he was only deployed a few months ago and her boyfriend (and my opther sisters boyfriend) had both gone out on his 'leaving party'.

Just wanted to pay my respects to him and share my prayers for his family.

MarsLady Thu 26-Jul-07 17:13:12

hertsnessex Thu 26-Jul-07 17:14:33

thinking of you all at this time. cxx

Pabamella Thu 26-Jul-07 17:18:06

Thanks, its strange I feel quite sad, probably because its the reality that so many people have been lost over there, everyone one of them someones son, brother or Daddy

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 26-Jul-07 17:19:02

fairyjay Thu 26-Jul-07 17:25:01

So sad.

Also for all those service people who have been injured and returned to the UK with serious medical problems. And seem to be ignored.

DoubleBluff Thu 26-Jul-07 17:26:19

I feel sad every time I hear of another British Soldier losing their life.
Such a waste of a young person and so awful for their families.

Pabamella Thu 26-Jul-07 20:18:08

It was mentioned on the news, 2 of them were killed but it didnt identify the man we knew, just the other.

Theyre poor families.

CountessDracula Thu 26-Jul-07 20:27:41

oh god how awful
Are we in Iran now??

flossie64 Thu 26-Jul-07 20:30:12

It is very sad .My Dh is in the RAF and he flew with the 12 out of the 14 servicemen who died last Sept in the nimrod crash . It brings it home to you when you actually know the people

Pabamella Thu 26-Jul-07 20:32:35

It maynot have been Iran actully, it was my nan who told me that, shes not a reliable source 100%

I missed the news

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