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is it safe to be around cancer sufferer having chemo when pregnant

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griffintribe Thu 26-Jul-07 16:11:43

Had missed m/c in Feb.

Now 5 weeks pregnant but my Dad has just been diagonised with cancer.

He will be having chemotherapy and i wondered whether it wil be safe for the baby if i see him or could he pass some chemo over to me?

ChipButty Thu 26-Jul-07 16:17:04

You will be absolutely fine, as will your baby. Chemotherapy is not catching! Hope your Dad starts to see some improvement soon. Is he having tablets or IV? Sorry if too nosey! My FIL is going through chemo at the moment. xx

leesmum Fri 27-Jul-07 08:24:44

Hi griffintribe, chemo won't affect you or baby, but the fact that your dad is'nt well means you have to look after yourself even more and try not to worry.

I am nearly 14 weeks and my dad has been having chemo for 12 mths on and off, it's very hard when someone you love so much has to go through all this.

Take care xxLM

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