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Maybe talking will clear my head?

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kjaysmum Wed 18-Jul-07 21:57:20

I had a missed m/c last tuesday, is that all it was it's been a long week!
It's kind of complicated, I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice, maybe I just need to talk..I feel ok, pretty calm really although sad at times, up and down, you know.
I'm 41, nearly 42, I have a wonderful 3 year old Ds and very lovely partner. I have health complications, colitis, we'll never know if the flare up I had whilst pregnant contributed to the miscarriage or not. I am now on a course of steroids to try and bring my condition into remission. I'm about to go overseas for six weeks with Ds to see my mum, can't wait as I haven't seen her for over a year.
I don't know whether to try again, I'm scared, I don't know if I'm too old or if my health is good enough, I'd love a sibling for my little boy, having and only child brings issues of it's own but I 'd hate to make myself so ill that It would jeopardise my little family the way it is. I have an appointment with my specialist in mid-october when I return from overseas, I guess I need to wait until I've discussed things with him, it just seems such a long time to wait at my age.
Thanks Mumsnet for being my ear

DangerousBeans Wed 18-Jul-07 22:00:11

So sorry for your loss.
Take time to be kind to yourself, and don't make any decisions just yet.
I hope your appointment with the specialist goes well, and that you get lots of TLC whilst visiting your Mum.
Take care.

kjaysmum Wed 18-Jul-07 22:14:25

Thankyou DangerousBeans

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