Anyone else moving on from the due in Jan 08 thread?

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skibump Tue 31-Jul-07 14:03:43

Thx Spugs, and many congratulations, brilliant news.

Teenagersagain, maybe now the worst of the weather is past and the Gower will not only be beautiful, but also quiet

STILL no af here, (so that's about 8 weeks since my last one...) so v confused. Lots of pg symptoms, but the test is negative. Off to the doctors tomorrow to see if she can tell what's going on. Just want everything to get sorted out so we can try for a baby before I'm too old [frustrated emoticon]

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teenagersagain Fri 20-Jul-07 19:42:27

Ahhh.... that is so lovely spugs! Huge Congratulations & try not to worry, just remember every pregnancy is different, as is every precious child...

Skibump, You lucky thing you....france & Italy

My building work has so overshot my budget, (sarah beeny would not be impressed, neither is my dp!!) that we won't be having a hol next year, never mind this...& camping on the gower is fast loosing it's appeal!!

spugs Fri 20-Jul-07 19:03:31

Hi, i should have been on the due jan thread, baby was due new years eve/day. unfortunatly lost it at 6.5 weeks before i got chance to join up. good news though is that after only one af i am pregnant again. its bloody nerve wracking but great at the same time. I hope your all well and get bfp's soon x

skibump Thu 19-Jul-07 15:51:31

We went to France & Italy, which was lovely, though it rained pretty much the entire time we were in France

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skibump Thu 19-Jul-07 15:50:17

Hi there. Sorry, that was insensitively written, and yes it is difficult to be completely happy sometimes. I suppose I have convinced myself that there was something wrong either with the baby or the pregnancy so it was really the best outcome in the end. Of course that doesn't stop me wishing that hadn't been the case...I guess I'll always be sad about it

I knew you had only a short time for ttc, and I'm glad you're looking into finding alternatives. Fingers crossed you won't need them

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teenagersagain Thu 19-Jul-07 00:45:01

Hi skibump, Glad to hear you got away from it all, (where did you go? ) but it's hard to feel completely happy sometimes isn't it?

I feel ok most of the time, but then it hit's me...and I really am heartbroken...

I have spent much of the last 2 days in tears, mostly building work related, but then it dawned on me this morning that it will be 28 days on saturday since my erpc, which means that despite my best efforts at bding of the last 3 wks, I am probably expecting my af this weekend..!!

I don't know if you read my post last night to mummybear,( trying to deal with miscarriage & age difference in relationship thread) but I have a small window in which to conceive, before dp runs out of sperm completely after his vas, (2- 3 months) so although I would probably not have ttc staight away, I haven't got much choice if I want another baby & I so do.

I am quietly very cross with my dp, ( I still can't believe what he did !! ) so have told him in no uncertain terms to arrange a vasectomy reversal if we don't suceed!?!

As you can see from my late night posting's, that despite my best efforts, i just don't get onto my macbook much in the day at the mo, dp working from home, 3 kids already broken up from school & house full of builder's, joiner's, electrician's, plumbers etc so I have to keep on top of things, very hard this week though...

But, I will keep in touch & am here for you...fingers crossed for you.. xx

skibump Wed 18-Jul-07 14:46:32

TMI alert, waited for af after m/c, arrived 'as normal', then stayed for 3 wks now has been absent for nearly 4 weeks - so much for my predictable 25 day cycle! We have been ttc (sort of) so thought that might explain it, but no bfp either, si I guess I just have to wait for things to settle down.

How about others, are you ttc yet? Teenagersagain, I know you're in a difficult position there, did you decide what to do?

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skibump Tue 17-Jul-07 21:37:52

Good to see you though obviously it's not great we're here...

Yeah, doing well, just back off a great holiday, so feeling pretty happy & relaxed. Not so sure about my hormones though, my body still seems a bit confused about exactly what's happening when iykwim.

How're things with you?

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teenagersagain Mon 16-Jul-07 22:41:47

Hey skibump, Just logged on & what da ya know.. someone's calling my name!!

I hope you are doing OK?

Just on my way to bed, as builder's are here at 7am yet again, but I would love to catch up tomorrow...

skibump Mon 16-Jul-07 22:07:27

Calling Ladylush, Teenagersagain, Birdseed, Mummybear and others

Feeling a bit bad about still posting on the original thread, but would like to keep in touch with those in the same position. Anyone around?

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