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Mirage Sat 11-Sep-04 09:41:53

Thinking of you & your family today.Hope the day passes peacefully for you.

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coppertop Sat 11-Sep-04 09:43:38

My thoughts are with you and your family. xxx

SoupDragon Sat 11-Sep-04 09:45:44

I've sent you an email...

Happy birthday to your DD1 too.

wobblyknicks Sat 11-Sep-04 09:48:28

Will be thinking of you all day x

Earlybird Sat 11-Sep-04 09:51:43

We all must be on the same wavelength, as I was just thinking of starting a thread on this. Anyway, I wish there was something of real comfort that I could say, but please know that my thoughts are with you and your girls on this difficult day.

Caribbeanqueen Sat 11-Sep-04 09:53:28

Also thinking of you today, Kateandthegirls. xxx

emmatmg Sat 11-Sep-04 09:55:28

another one thinking of you and your girls here too.

beetroot Sat 11-Sep-04 09:56:57

Message withdrawn

MummyToSteven Sat 11-Sep-04 09:57:56

thinking of you and the girls today.

Cadbury Sat 11-Sep-04 10:06:56

The cadburie are thinking of you all too. Much love

gothicmama Sat 11-Sep-04 10:08:36

The gothic ones are thinking of you xxx

moomina Sat 11-Sep-04 10:08:57

Thinking of you and your girls. Much love xx

suzywong Sat 11-Sep-04 10:12:45

same here

auntyquated Sat 11-Sep-04 10:25:47

thinking of you all today Kate

popsycal Sat 11-Sep-04 10:31:31

I thought of you today too Kate

jampot Sat 11-Sep-04 10:35:33

thinking of you all too xx

edam Sat 11-Sep-04 10:43:30

me too and happy birthday to DD1

marthamoo Sat 11-Sep-04 10:55:42

I was thinking of you too. Much love xx

NomDePlume Sat 11-Sep-04 10:59:12

Hugs, hon.

hoxtonchick Sat 11-Sep-04 11:00:42

We are thinking of you too. And happy birthday dd1.

Marina Sat 11-Sep-04 11:01:32

I am working in a deserted City of London today and thinking of you, Kate - and everyone else affected by that terrible day.
Wishing your DD1 a lovely birthday. Hugs.

Beccarollover Sat 11-Sep-04 11:21:38

Thinking of you today Kate - big hugs from the beccarollover household


maomao Sat 11-Sep-04 11:24:35


Sending you tons of hugs to you and your girls. Happy Birthday to your eldest!


Kayleigh Sat 11-Sep-04 11:30:54

me too and a very happy birthday to your dd1. x

GeorginaA Sat 11-Sep-04 11:31:01

You're in my thoughts, kateandthegirls.


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