Is it happening again?

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tex111 Fri 10-Sep-04 17:58:08

I had a missed m/c in June and just discovered that I'm pregnant again. It's very early days (AF was due yesterday) but I've had 6 clear ++ on home pregnancy tests since last Sunday and have felt pregnant all week.

Today I've been having a lot of period-like pains and when I took another HPT (I'm a total obsessive) it was ++ but lighter than the previous tests. Are these all signs of an impending m/c or am I just overreacting? I really don't know what to think and hate feeling so nuts about this. I don't even see my GP until Mon to report the pregnancy and I think I would feel silly calling the EPU when I'm so barely pregnant. Horrible feeling, not knowing what's going on in my body.

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muddaofsuburbia Fri 10-Sep-04 18:04:15

Tex - don't really know what to say except rest and try to keep your mind occupied til you see your GP (easier said than done I know)

I had an uncomfortable "feeling" in the early days of ds' pg, not cramps, but definitely discomfort, which apparently was just my womb stretching and adjusting to everything that was going on down there. However, looking back, with the pg I had a missed m/c (before ds) I definitely was in pain - had hot water bottle and took paracetamol. That was my first pg so I didn't know the difference.

If you're in pain then phone NHS Direct or your GP, if it's just a niggly, discomfort then try to wait it out til Monday. You're not being silly thinking like this.

Thoughts and prayers with you, hope it all works out for you.

strawberry Fri 10-Sep-04 18:10:46

Oh poor you Tex111. You may remember I also had missed mc at same time as you?

I am pg again now and have not really enjoyed it . Just been very nervous. I had a scan yesterday and everything is ok so I feel a bit more positive now. I was terrified before I went in.

When I had the mc, I thought everything was fine. I was really looking forward to the scan. I think the thing with a missed mc is there are no signs of a problem so next time you don't know what to think.

The period-like pains could be pg-related. I think it's quite common to have tummy and back ache. A few say they have ovary pain. Do you have any other symptoms?

Only a scan will tell you for sure what's going on so I would get one booked. I know I couldn't get a scan before 7 weeks because they said it would be inconclusive before that.

I'm not sure what else you can do. I know how you feel and I'm thinking of you.

tex111 Fri 10-Sep-04 18:13:04

Thanks MofS, that's a good way of qualifying the pain. It's not bad enough for paracetemol, just grumbly and crampy. Thanks for the reassurance and I'll take your advice about NHS Direct too. Sometimes I forget that they're there.

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fruitful Fri 10-Sep-04 18:14:02

On the positive side - at this stage the lightness/darkness of an HPT depends a lot on how concentrated your wee is when you do the test. First thing in the morning will be dark, Soon after drinking a pint of water will be very light, etc. And lots of women get cramps around when their period is due. With dd I bled and had bad enough cramps to need paracetamol, and she was fine. So you could be ok.

If you're going to miscarry I'd think it would get going quite quickly?

Hang in there!

tex111 Fri 10-Sep-04 18:16:38

Thanks Strawberry. I am supposed to get a scan at 7/8 weeks because of the m/c but I haven't even seen my GP yet. It's still so early. I know I'm going to be the same and will worry right up until the day the next baby is born (fingers crossed there will be another baby). You're so right about the missed m/c and not knowing what to think. Before I had my missed m/c I always thought that as long as I wasn't bleeding everything would be OK. I've definitely learned a lot since then.

Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck to you!

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tex111 Fri 10-Sep-04 18:18:39

Fruitful, thanks. I had had a lot of lemonade with lunch and took the test today in the afternoon so perhaps that's why it was lighter. THANK YOU!! That is so reassuring. I'll do another test first thing in the morning and see what it's like then.

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ebbie22 Fri 10-Sep-04 18:38:42

Dont do anymore tests.....
Save your money for the cute baby outfits,although i have never m/c so i dont know how u are feeling but i do know the more tests u do,the more u will worry....
Honestly if you are really worried ask for a scan at 5 wks,
or earlier if they can do so,they wont see much but a bean,but it will put your mind at rest,u can email me any time if you feel worried but please try not too....Have a warm relaxing bath and put your feet up xxxThinking of you xxx

nutcracker Fri 10-Sep-04 18:42:36

Just wanted to say that when newly pregnant with Dd2 and Ds i had such strong period like pains that i though my period was arriving (hadn't tested by then) and took really strong painkillers.

My doc said both times that it is very common.

nutcracker Fri 10-Sep-04 18:44:03

Sorry meant to say that everything was fine and pains dissapeared at about 8/9 weeks i think.

tex111 Sat 11-Sep-04 11:44:02

I think it really is happening again. I took another test this morning (sorry Ebbie) with first morning's urine and it was negative. I've also been charting my temp and this morning it dropped. The cramping continues though it hasn't gotten worse. Still no bleeding. I've spoken to NHS Direct and I'm going to call the EPU now.

Two m/c in a row. I'm so afraid that something is seriously wrong. God, I feel like I'm losing my mind. I need to find some more information about all this. I feel so so scared.

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Tessiebear Sat 11-Sep-04 11:51:42

I have no experience or wise words Tex111 i just wanted to send you massive support and (((((((Hugs)))))))

Tinker Sat 11-Sep-04 11:53:46

Bummer tex11 - hope you're ok.

Marina Sat 11-Sep-04 11:55:18

Oh, Tex, I'm terribly sorry to hear this.
There is a good book by Professor Lesley Regan on Miscarriage, very sad you've got to consider reading it. Hugs to you.

sobernow Sat 11-Sep-04 12:32:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cab Sat 11-Sep-04 14:38:28

Tex just read this and I'm very sorry. As you know I've been through the same thing a few times over the last few months.
The only thing that I can think of - are you still testing with first response or are you using another barnd? First response could maybe pick up lower levels of hormone than another brand if you see what I mean. Hope you get some help from the epu.

tex111 Sat 11-Sep-04 18:34:15

I'm feeling a bit more positive but even more confused than ever. I called the EPU and they never rang me back! I decided to do another test. The neg test was using a First Response and I wanted to do the same again but they were sold out so I bought one of those Clear Blue Digital tests. It came up a definite ++. The two lines on the stick were both dark so I just don't know what to think. Perhaps that neg test was a fluke or a bad test. I just don't know.

It looks like I'll have to wait until my Monday for my Dr's appt for any action or answers. The cramps are continuing but are less and there still isn't any bleeding. We're on such a roller coaster at the moment.

Thanks so much for all of your advice and support. You've been a real lifeline for me today.

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cab Sat 11-Sep-04 18:56:50

Tex have kept logging on to see how you're doing.
That postive sounds good. Hang on in there - and please try not to do any more tests.
The only thing that's going to sort this out is the blood tests so if the locum won't do it for you go private.
The epu can't do much at this stage - cos a scan wouldn't show a heartbeat yet.
I know how hellish these confusing test results can be so if you need to chat to someone please do contact me via CAT.
Take the last positive test result with you on Monday in case the locum tests on Monday and gets a negative. That way you might be more likely to persuade him/her to do the blood tests.

Tessiebear Sat 11-Sep-04 20:08:16

Tex - i am sure that negative test must have been wrong! - it sounds like it could still be ok - i had a negative test at the doctors after my home test came up positive (used morning urine and everything) DS2 is the result - i am sure that in the early days of PG urine samples vary a lot as the hormone is still quite low IYKWIM

KangaMummy Sat 11-Sep-04 20:22:52

What a terrible time you are having. Such a roller coaster of a day.

I had a scan at 5½ weeks to confirm pg. I had been taking Clomid tablets. So it can be done very easily.

I really hope tomorrow is a better day. one day at a time.

I understand the feeling of wanting to do pg tests. DH said we should have shares in ClearBlue. I used to send him out to buy them from several chemists and tescos so that it would be a different place each time. I found the blue line ones easier to read than pink dot ones.

Good luck tomorrow and the day after...........etc

Hulababy Sat 11-Sep-04 20:41:50

Sending you loads of hugs and good wishes Tex. Hang in there, take care of yourself and try and relax tomorrow.

tex111 Sun 12-Sep-04 05:24:43

My temp fell another .1 degree this morning but it's still above the cover line so I'm still hopeful. I rang the emergancy doc this morning as the guessing is driving me crazy. He said that as long as I'm not bleeding he didn't think I needed any emergency attention. He suggested I see my doc tomorrow and try to schedule an ultrasound so I'm going to ring first thing in the morning and try to get an earlier appt. The EmDoc did rule out a missed miscarriage. He said I wouldn't be cramping if that were the case. He also ruled out an ectopic pregnancy because he said it would be painful when I coughed. So, just more waiting.

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Tessiebear Sun 12-Sep-04 12:31:45

Thinking of you tex - good luck at docs 2morrow

strawberry Sun 12-Sep-04 18:07:21

Hi tex111. Hope you get the support you need at the doctor's tomorrow. Thinking of you.

cab Sun 12-Sep-04 19:54:19

Hope all goes well tomorrow Tex. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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