Foresight - is it worth it?

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downbutnotout Wed 11-Jul-07 13:29:13

Since having my beautiful daughter in 2004 I have had three miscarriages, most recently last month. My sister has suggested giving the Foresight programme a go, but I am extremely sceptical, although frankly willing to try anything at this stage. Does anyone have any experience of the programme, particularly after recurrent miscarriage - what do you think about it?

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lljkk Wed 11-Jul-07 17:48:53

It looks mostly like a lot of old hooey to me ("geopathic stress", all that), but obviously I have no relevant experience. I suppose I might be willing to try it as long as I went in with no expectations of it working, just look as it a time-killing ritual, being open-minded about things we don't know.

downbutnotout Sat 14-Jul-07 22:50:10


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NKF Sat 14-Jul-07 23:00:21

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear of your losses. That's very hard.

I know two people who used Foresight and frankly I thought they were wicked. Both got back analysis (hair samples) that claimed to show massive levels of toxins and some really cruel insensitive language along the lines of "well, of course you'd miscarry with all those chemicals in you".

Then of course comes the prescription - massively expensive supplements and more testing. My friends were distressed and worried that it might be true and one of them forked out loads of money. I think it's rubbish and that they prey on people at a vulnerable time.

I think if you want to try something other than just hoping for the best next time, you'd be better off with your GP. I wish you all the best and send you my hopes for a good outcome. Take care of yourself.

downbutnotout Sun 15-Jul-07 17:14:35

Thanks ljkk and NKF - your feelings are in line with mine. I've since read part of their book on the subject and thought that some of the language used there was unpleasant. It was along the lines of: "If you're not prepared to fork out money for our wonderful supplements then you can't want a baby that much, can you?"

I don't need to tell you ladies that I want a baby so much I can hardly think about anything else, and I desperately want to do something that makes me feel more in control of the situation, particularly as tests to date have shown nothing wrong. What's a girl to do?

Unfortunately my GP is an insensitive idiot, but maybe it's time for a change...

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Peachy Sun 15-Jul-07 17:18:11

It has been recommended to me by some nutritionists that I trust (Ds1 and ds3's nutritionists), though more becuase they also will work to minimise the chancs of disability (they have asd) than for conception (although not conceiving so might look into that as well)

Don't like the sound of thier comments- but have given the boys 'controversial' nutritional programmes with wonderful effects, and the personal recommendation is a trusted one. Saw it ork with my old neighbours who trieed for a decade then ahd two straight off.

Truth is thee things are always a risk- but as longa s you can afford it why not?

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 17:23:56

I may be extremely wrong her as a resullt of not really understanding of 'Foresight'.

From the comments on this thread though it sounds similar to something that a 'watchdog type spinoff programme' analysed a couple of years ago. I think their conclusions was that it was all a load of codswallop with no scientific grounding and for some of the companies assessed I think their opinon may have been that no analysis was actually carried out and instead the results 'fabricated'. The upshot was that their sole aim was to make money on the supplements that told you that you needed.

Peachy Sun 15-Jul-07 17:30:24

If they are indeed being fabricated then thats awful (seriously though if youre not sure of the link consider removing your post- poeple get into trouble for less!). But generally speaking I know of a few nutritional programs that haven't been analysed aprticualrly but work- eg some kids with ASD and the GF / CF diet.

Not saying anyone should go for it, but scientific analysis and nutrition dont always go hand in hand- you need someone to want to do the research for a start!

NKF Sun 15-Jul-07 17:55:52

Dear Downbutnotout,

It's bad not to have a GP who is sympathetic. Is there someone else in the practice who might be more sensitive? You say you've had tests so I guess you've already been to one of the miscarriage clinics in the country.

I wish you all the best but it is worth finding a good GP. You've probably already contacted The Miscarriage Association. If not, they are worth a call. The people there are very sympathetic and they are also very knowledgeable about the latest research. Good luck.

downbutnotout Sun 15-Jul-07 18:37:14

Thanks all. Yes, I will probably be switching to another GP, though I am already seeing a consultant at my local hospital after agitating for further support since taking a year to conceive mc2. My sympathy for the nutrition route has been affected by the fact that when I significantly changed my diet, I got pregnant with mc3 within two months.

I don't necessarily think that the Foresight folks are charlatans - I think they may well believe in what they're doing, but I don't know that the evidence they present for it really stacks up, and they do use quite strong language to persuade others to their way of thinking. Plus which it would add insult to injury to fork out what I'm told could easily be £500+ for supplements which don't really do anything. Especially given that statistically I have a 60% chance of a baby next time anyway.

I don't really think I'm expecting a definitive answer from anyone but I would like to know if people have experience of it "working". Or maybe other suggestions on the positive nutritional advice front?

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SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 20:23:25

I do recall seeingn the programme where they were sending hair samples (amongst others) inthe post to companies who were analysing them and coming back to tell them about toxins and stuff in there diets.

I do remember them sending identical samples to the same company with 2 different names and address on and getting different results back - one of the concerns/implications being over whether any tests were really being carried out and/or was there any scientific grounding for the analysis or was it just to make cash on the follow-up advice?

As I say I don't know which companies were involved - it probably isn't the one named below....but the very fact that I have seen the programme which seriously questioned the validity of testing the presenace of toxins and stuff in hair follicles would cause me serious concern about any analysis of the sort with any company IYSWIM.

ZZMum Sun 15-Jul-07 20:33:19

I considered Foresight when I was desperate for a baby -- TTC 19 months and bought book and read the program... there is a version of it by Marilyn Glenville which seemed easier but was still a fill on program, so we did our own version.

I took some elements of it that my consultant did agree with -- did you know just drinking 1 day a week and having a couple of cigs on 1 day is worse for you conceievin than if you have same amount over a week? did you know drinking lots of coffee effects sperm? I stopped smoking and cut drinking right back to a glass or 2 at most in one evening and DH gave up his 8-10 coffees a day, we took really good vits and made a bigger effort with the diet - ie lots more fruit and veg etc...

Result -- pregnant 2 months later - related? I have no idea but my hunch is the slight changes must have helped...

Good luck what ever you decide to do...

Peachy Sun 15-Jul-07 23:36:41

You an do a lot nutritionally though without it- decent vits (and I dont eman tesco 9p for 30), brazil nuts for sperm quality, zinc for development, dong quai can be worth a go apparently and that lot'll stills ee you change from £20 in holland and barratt

downbutnotout Mon 16-Jul-07 21:22:32

Thnaks everyone - this has really helped, the advice as much as sorting out in my own mind what I really think. I still believe in the nutrition route and I'll discuss other options with my consultant, but I think I will give the full Foresight treatment a miss for now. Hopefully I will never be that desperate. Large virtual hugs to all who have suffered losses and four-leaf clovers, rabbits' feet and horseshoes to everyone ttc!

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Highlander Tue 17-Jul-07 16:41:39

zzmum -it's not rocket science that smoking and excess coffee/alcohol could have detremental effects on your fertility, never mind shorten your lifespan. You don't need money making charlatans to tell you that.

Toxins in your hair? Purlease - unless you walk about with a hermetic seal on your head of course your hair will pick up chemicals in the atmosphere.

Save your cash and spend it on home cooking. Heaps better for you and the baby making bits.....

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