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what do i do now ??????

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kirstie84 Tue 19-Jun-07 20:06:47

i misscarried 6 weeks ago was 13 weeks but scan showed baby had gone at 8 weeks.
i just don't no what i'm supposed to do i feel so lost, this baby was something both me and my partner wanted so bad i just don't no where to go from here if anybody has any advice i would be really greatful

BettySpaghetti Tue 19-Jun-07 20:18:34

kirstie, sorry to hear this. It is an awful thing to be going through.

There is nothing that you are "supposed" to do. Just grieve, cry, scream, talk....or whatever you feel you want to do. There is no right or wrong way to react or feel.

I know it sounds cliched but things will get easier over time. You will never forget your lost baby but things will improve.

domesticgrumpess Tue 19-Jun-07 20:21:05

Message withdrawn

kirstie84 Sun 24-Jun-07 15:55:40

thank u for ur support and kind words, we did go on holiday 3 weeks after all of this happened, and i thought i was ok untill i went back into work and one of the girls is pg then that was me gone.
i did make my peace with it though i went in the next day i spoke to her like a human (which i havent done for a while) and gave her bump a little rub so i think i've kind of got used to the fact i can do nothing to change what happened.

but on a much happier note my doc said i could start ttc again so fingers cross x

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